This page is about the privacy practices on our platform and the data it uses for delivering advertising. If you are interested in our website privacy policy, click here.

Advertiser Privacy Policy Review Suggestion 

  • recommends all Advertisers continually review their privacy policies from time to time and make sure it encompasses all on-site technologies under CPRA and other state/federal-level privacy legislation. Read more at  
  • Any technology on Advertiser websites should be included by privacy policies deployed and articulated by the Advertiser. 
  • For a sample supplement which may be added to an existing privacy policy which encompasses the technology, click here.

Data Transmutation as a Service Provider on behalf of Advertiser

The following is for informational purposes to be used as needed: 

  • Device Information: curates and provides information about shopping households, including data about the browser and network used, such as device type, operating system version, mobile network, IP address, precise location via consent, browser type, and language preference.
  • Location Information: may collect precise location, including latitude and longitude, with consent, such as through a web browser request. 
  • Tracking technology: uses cache-based tracking technologies via the browser limited only to first-party advertiser activity. These technologies are used to collect information about activity that helps Advertiser improve and provide marketing services, delivering relevant advertising on-site, in marketing communications, and across the Internet. Tracking is also used to understand usage and campaign effectiveness. 

A Privacy-First Solution

  • Each data set is collected on behalf of the Advertiser, owned by the Advertiser, never inappropriately mixed with other data sets, and is fully accessible within data lake instances. 
  • We require active opt-in (vs. opt-out) and do not track shoppers across different sites and organizations (not a third-party tracker, data broker, or data aggregator). 


  •'s technology leverages the website browser's location-sharing functionality available through any installed consent management platform to capture website visitor opt-in consent.

CMT Compatibility

  • If Customer has a (CMT) Consent Management Tool, customer is responsible for implementing within their CMT. 

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This documentation was last updated March 2023.