Real-Time Cross Channel, AI-Driven Marketing Strategies

What is Immersive Household®?’s managed advertising and retargeting standards are guided by the Immersive Household method.

We implement Immersive Household® advertising by delivering strategic, omnichannel messaging to all devices within an identified household. The delivery of retargeting includes:

Omnichannel Retargeting
OmniChannel House

Media Marketplace Partners

Our direct network of media partner includes:​


Pull Website Visitors Down the Sales Funnel


Identify website traffic down to the household level, deploy Immersive Household® advertising and make sure all potential shoppers within that house are targeted, guiding the entire household to purchase.

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Combined with our AI technology that measures buyer propensity,’s AdTech and strategies work to cover the needs for brands, agencies, publishers, and media companies.

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Immersive Household® works for all industries and verticals by pulling website visitors down the sales funnel quickly with immersive retargeting advertisement, hitting all devices within the household. ​Multiple decision-makers needed for large purchases are immersed and influenced.’s Immersive Household® managed advertising delivers a transparent set of co-brandable real-time dashboards made to identify and explore household-based first-party data and measure results down to transactions and sales. Together, these show innovative insights into the true buyer's journey.​

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Immerse Your Audience

Identify, Market, Measure addressable households down to transaction.