How will you turn your digital leads into real business transactions? A rewards program may be the dynamite you need to blast through barriers between web consumers and your storefront.'s Lead Generation puts the power in your hands. 

Lead Gen 2.0

Turn your digital leads into real business transactions with Lead Generation — an on-site rewards program that breaks the barrier between website visitors and your storefront.

Create excitement for interested website visitors, while collecting more first-party data leads from legitimate potential customers. Lead Generation pushes this data instantly into your CRM so your team can turn these prospects into sales.

The Reward of Choice

Your website visitors need more incentives to visit your brick-and-mortar location.'s Lead Generation is a dynamic rewards program that can pull more people through your doors and accelerate in-person shopper engagement. Rewards fuel more transactions — it’s really that simple.

Lead Generation prompts visitors to choose a gift card (you can make several options available) and sign up with intent to visit and claim their reward. When they complete the form, they’ll receive a redeemable coupon by email. See what happens when you let shoppers personalize their rewards, creating an experience tailored exclusively to them.

Live, on-site promotions based on audience behavior and interest

Deliver the right incentive on the right website pages based on your shopper’s online behavior.

audience planner

Addressable Geofencing

Making a big purchase is rarely a one-person job. Today, whole families influence the buying decision. Follow-up emails are designed to sway everyone in the household who has been identified.'s Lead Generation can automate email reminders for shoppers to redeem their coupons and take action after their in-store visit.

Real-Time Data Reporting

When you want to evaluate your on-site promotions, real-time reporting is built into the employee-facing interface. You won’t need to wait on an account manager to hear how your campaign is doing. See lead form submissions and gift card redemptions in real time and track the results on a month-by-month basis.

Multi-Step Conversions

Research shows multi-step processes increase transactions. Lead Generation lets consumers see all three steps up front and walks them intuitively through the process. By cutting the info-gathering into bite-size chunks, you’ll lose fewer leads as they move through the form. Let consumers:

Step One

Choose a Reward

Lead Generation Reward
Step Two

Select a Product

Lead generation choose a product
Step Three

Visitor Confirms Identity

lead generation identity verification

Easy Redemption

An easy-to-use redemption website lets you swap consumers’ coupons for their reward. Every customer will get a personal redemption page that they can print out or show your staff on their phone. Staff members can redeem it easily — no training necessary.

Each customer receives their reward card within two weeks of their in-store visit.

Easily Configure Your Campaign

Every campaign is very robust. From the employee-facing interface, you can select creative and a position on the page for your promotion ad. Lead Generation lets you set your default position per campaign, per website provider, and per location. Switch among eight positions in real time and customize where your ad gets seen.

real time data reporting

Staff Support Structure

Whether you’re activating Lead Generation at a national, regional, or individual level, we have three-tier support for your staff. Tier One is comprised of the overall strategic account managers, and Tier Two of the individual project managers per region. Tier Three is a full customer support team that shoppers can turn to when they have questions about rewards redemption.

Tier One

Strategic Account Managers

strategic account manager
Tier Two

Individual Project managers per Region

regional managers
Tier Three

Full Customer Support Team

fullthrottle customer support

Generate More Valuable Leads

Use powerful first-party data to pull engaged leads down the sales funnel.