Data Management to Power Scale

You need an audience solution that’s built for the modern world of marketing. Wrangling data sets across multiple platforms and keeping up with the ever-evolving regulatory obligations can foil plans for scaling your business. Plus, audiences trapped in walled garden platforms offer little insight as to how you can better speak to your consumers.

We centralize all your audiences in one convenient platform that’s built to make sense of the multi-device consumption and shopping habits of modern buyers. Data onboarding and data activation is seamless with our technology. Built-in machine learning algorithms give your team actionable insights in real time, all with continual attention to privacy compliance. You can also tap into our private marketplace of video and audio providers to market to these audiences with just a few clicks.

Example Hygiene Analysis

Validated Email 80HHs
Validated Mailing Address 90HHs
Opt Out and DNC 20HHs
Corrupt Data 5HHs

What do Media Vendors, DMPs, DSPs and Data Connectivity Platforms all have in common?

They all love working with us.


Agile Flexibility

We seamlessly fit into any system across massively different verticals, sitting on top of any tech stack without interrupting usual functions. A Low/No-Code connection path with limited, if any, engineering time required on your end.


Attribution Measurement

By incorporating our patented technology, we gather a plethora of identity signals which leads to increased match rates and allows for connections across previously inaccessible operators. Shopper Journey touchpoints + Sales Data validates spend with each partner through deterministic attribution.

Activation Ecosystem

Activation Destinations
  • Facebook | Google | Amazon | Effectv | Spectrum Reach | iHeart Media

Activation Channels

  • Direct Mail | Social | Display | StreamingTV | Streaming Audio | LinearTV | Broadcast Radio

Data Partners

  • Blockgraph | Amazon | CDK Global

data onboarding infrastructure

Onboard your Data and Activate It

Identify, Market, Measure addressable households down to transaction.