Are you a discoverer, inquirer or a go-getter?

First-party data strategies for collecting and activating tend to fall on a scale––or so we’ve noticed with the brands and agencies that partner with us. We have bucketed the scale into the three categories below. Where does your first-party data strategy fall on the scale?
Are you a


  • You don’t own a data lake
  • You aren’t activating a first-party data collection
  • You still use traditional programmatic retargeting (Google, Facebook, TradeDesk, etc.)

However, you want to get into audience and data practice.
Are you an


  • Want a scalable, low-effort solution
  • Feel like there is data dying on the vine
  • Use lead gen tactics but need more scale

Maybe you run newslettersign-up campaigns, put quality content behind a gate, and/or run direct response-focused ads.
Are you a


  • Building first-party teams as a heavy investment
  • Fully invested or half-baked into a CDP
  • Want to generate more first-party data

However, you need volume and scale to get to the next magnitude. is the future-proof technology your business needs.

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