Clean Room Peace of Mind

The fullthrottle.aiTM platform is built to simplify a complex ecosystem for our partners while keeping consumer data secured. We have built a compliance stack that is sensitive to the nuance of each technology partner but is also privacy-first to meet the applicable needs of each of our clients. Let us do the heavy lifting to enrich your audiences with the integrations necessary for next-gen success.

What is a Clean Room? A secured, privacy-safe database environment that allows two entities to share on/offline data without ever actually touching the other party’s data. Clean rooms are a powerful tool for collaboration and can facilitate aggregated insights previously inaccessible to either party. We have built clean room technology that makes it easy for local retailers to gain insights that were once only available to holding companies and walled gardens.

  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • HTTPS Interface (SSL)
  • password policy controls
  • Multi-factor Authentication Support (2FA)
  • Password Protected Shares
  • syslog output
  • HIPAA compliant
  • LDAP / AD
  • e-Signatures
  • Custom Folder Permissions
  • Advanced Sharing (Expirations, Download Limits, Upload)
  • Mobile Access
  • User Expiration Dates
  • WebDAV
  • API Access
  • Zapier Integration

Encryption, Security, Robust Access Control

All PII is fully secured and encrypted at rest and in transit through formidable infrastructure. All data is immediately encrypted and pseudonymously matched upon receipt, and then archived or removed according to our data retention policy or an overriding client driven data retention policy. Any human access is tightly controlled with our robust user access system with backgrounds checks on any staff with access to SPI/PII information.

Future-Proofing Audiences

Third-Party cookies will continue to be less and less effective until Google finally lowers the axe in 2023. Protect your investment and your future success by moving away from deprecated identifiers that don’t fit the consumer-centric view of today’s AdTech. Our proprietary technology exists as a cookieless, privacy-first tool to connect data points and tell a deeper story via a clean room platform.

multi-touch influence

Your Data is Protected, Your Audiences are Compliant

Your current and future buyers deserve trust and transparency when it comes to their private data. All signals in the fullthrottle.aiTM platform are fully secured at all stages of the audience lifecycle. A formidable infrastructure of security products and solutions, as well as regular proactive audits by in house and third-party security teams ensures our clients audiences are safe. In addition, all audience data is collected and managed in full compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), with in-house counsel facilitating workflows concerning Opt Out, Access Request, etc.

An All-Star Line Up

Decoding the shopper journey with true complete loop measurement can require an army of AdTech providers and a seven-figure budget. Not to mention the fact that at the hyper-local level, it can be difficult to scale audience activation without the right pipes connected. We have solved these issues for retailers and agencies by curating a roster of tech partners who share the same desire for future-proof marketing and uniting their capabilities under one platform. Each of our partners operates with a strict adherence to consumer privacy and has been sharpened with help from fullthrottle.aiTM to help national and local retailers alike.

We never integrate for the sake of integration. Instead, we heavily vet each component of a partner’s tech stack for their ability to deliver value to our clients and allow them to enrich the shopper journey while complying with data privacy regulations. Trust, Transparency and Innovation are the cornerstones of each of our integrations.

Included Partners:

  • Amazon
  • Blockgraph
  • Effectv (Comcast)
  • Spectrum Reach (Charter Communications)
  • iHeart Media
  • CDK Global

Measure in a Data Clean Room

Identify, Market, Measure addressable households down to transaction.