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In the aftermath of the many security breaches over the past few years, secure websites are more important than ever before. Now, with a new Google policy on secure sites, it’s essential for business owners to harness the power of HTTPS. It’s safe to say that businesses that use non-secure sites are no longer in […]
That Are Stealing Your Leads With so many advances in website conversion tools it’s hard to decipher a good website vendor from a lead-thirsty one. So how do you know if you’re wasting your marketing dollars on a vendor that’s stealing your leads? And more importantly, what are the best ways to take caution when those […]
Website conversions can make your company’s goals a reality, but converting website visitors into leads can be more difficult than expected. We take an in-depth look at the secrets marketers use to increase website conversions which can ultimately lead to an increase in sales for your dealership. Check out 5 tips you can implement on […]
Equity mining is one of the most profitable tactics in the auto dealer’s arsenal, but when you’re bringing in the big guns are you sure they’re doing as much as you need them to? Data mining software has come a long way, but it can still be difficult to integrate with your CRM or make sure […]
Nowadays, it seems that you can buy just about anything online. From something small like clothing to big purchases like new cars or even houses, if it’s for sale, it’s probably on the internet. Search engines are crucial to the online shopping process. You likely know exactly what you want, and adding specific filters to […]
When done correctly, equity mining can be a win-win for all parties involved. For you, more early trade-in vehicles in your inventory is a sure opportunity for profit, fueling service work for inspections and necessary parts replacements and adding more certified pre-owned cars to your showroom. Your customers get to upgrade their ride to a […]
In the last few years, equity mining tools have helped dealer owners make great strides in identifying their most qualified leads in an effort to notify them of upcoming savings and deals that they may want to take advantage of. But while this tool can help you, the dealer, identify your likely candidates, how can […]
The purpose of any commercial website is to entice customers by displaying the products that are for sale. Dealership websites are no different. The purpose of a dealership’s website is to display vehicle information for potential customers. This makes the inventory the most important part of a dealership’s website; but simply displaying inventory is not […]
Automotive dealers are in the business to sell cars. Therefore, generating traffic to the dealership’s website is of high priority. However, you don’t just want any sort of traffic, you want qualified traffic and individuals who will bring your dealership business. In order to ensure this gets executed properly, you’ll want to add the 4 […]
Being able to adapt and respond to a crisis is vital if your dealership is going to be successful. No matter what your sales volume is, ALL businesses face unforeseen challenges, changes in the industry, and economic hardships. However, even though we all know this to be true, it’s shocking to see just how many […]
Social media began as a network to stay in touch with others, but it has quickly evolved into a channel for commerce. Most industries still don’t know how to effectively use social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – but there are some car brands out there that just get it. People use social media […]
According to Google, more customers search on their mobile device than on their computers. That means your customers are more likely to be browsing your website when they’re on-the-go, than when they’re at home or in the office. While many web designers are creating the mobile version of their website as an afterthought, the team […]
A dealership’s website may look great, but even the most beautiful websites can have trouble attracting and converting potential customers. From technical issues to irrelevant copy and content, there are a ton of reasons why your website isn’t performing. Here are just a few listed below and how you can fix them. Unresponsive and Cluttered […]
Dealership websites are basically all the same. They seem to look just as basic and bland as the next. In this sea of dealership similarity, the question is, how do you get your website to stand out? Through the power of proper web merchandising, you can make sure your website is one your customers will […]
Like holding off on a lit check engine light, ignoring a poor website design only makes matters worse. If you suspect that your website’s setup is hindering your showroom’s performance, all is not lost …yet. Keep reading as we dig into the most popular reasons why your website design is failing you and the steps […]
In today’s technology driven society, people like fast websites – and so does Google. “Site Speed”, according to Google, IS a ranking factor. A fast site is a good user experience (UX) and a good UX leads to higher conversions. Think about it; you’re out shopping one day and need to conduct a quick search […]
Social media is no longer about getting more likes and followers. Rather, it is about engaging and appealing to your past, present and future customers; building long-term relationships and ultimately attaining more business. Buyer behavior has changed. Now car buyers are more informed about their next car purchase before they even get to your dealership. […]
One: Your Search Engine Optimization Program Isn’t Bringing in Traffic “If you build it, they will come” worked for Wayne and Garth in Waynes World but it doesn’t work for websites. You need a steady stream of website visitors to make your website even remotely worthwhile. But how do you get that steady stream of […]
One of the fastest ways to get more leads from your website is not what you might think. Driving more traffic each month is always great, but what if you could maximize the traffic you’re already getting to your website? Before you spend hours upon hours figuring out a new marketing strategy, consider spending your […]
The internet is constantly evolving; it only makes sense that websites change along with it. In order to stay competitive, it is important that you keep your website up to speed. While keeping content fresh and tying in other platforms are important strategies of a modern day site, research shows visuals to be the determining […]
Do I really need a Pay-per-click campaign? If you want to be able to sell cars, then the short answer is yes, you do. A well-executed Paid Search campaign can be vital medium to driving quality leads to your dealership and increase the visibility of your website. Having a solid PPC strategy can be an […]
You want people to find your business, right? You want consumers to go to your website, learn about you, choose your dealership to do business with, and become a lifelong customer, right? Then you need a keyword strategy to ensure you’re not missing out on the specific terms your customers are searching for. This will […]
Understanding your market is key to running a successful car dealership. Owning your backyard then branching out is typically the strategy dealerships use to gain market share. But what if I told you there was a better way to understand your market by seeing how visitors interact with your website? With this understanding, you will […]
The best way to manage a sales rep is by the numbers, the numbers never lie. Some managers evaluate the pipeline and some evaluate the sales activity. The reports on each sales rep will hold clues on why they succeed or why they struggle. Your website should be held to the same standards as a […]
In today’s fast society, we expect everything to be at our fingertips. When we conduct a search, we are subconsciously demanding that Google provides us with the most relevant, beneficial and high quality results, therefore we do not feel the need to continue to scroll through the pages. Simply put, if you’re dealership is not […]
Have you ever wondered: How you could be marketing your dealership better? How much money you should be spending in which marketing channel? How can you increase leads? How you can improve your ROI? These are questions almost every dealership has in today’s marketplace. There are so many options to even list, let alone grasp […]
It takes minimal effort to buy a domain name and put a website online. Multiple template designs are available on almost every content management system, making websites easier than ever to build. However, when you build a website, an outline must first be in place. The reason to build an outline is to prevent yourself […]
Email has the ability to build brand awareness, strengthen the relationship you have with your customers, and ultimately drive foot traffic to your showroom. But, sticking with one email avenue isn’t likely to get you the opens and click throughs you need. Another way to reach your audience can make all the difference. In the […]
Have you been disappointed by your dealership’s ability to convert leads to appointments? The struggle is real. Using your website to generate leads can provide a ton of opportunities to find more customers, but it can still be a struggle to convert those leads to appointments. Oftentimes, we neglect to review and update the processes […]
In the world of marketing, there are two basic types: outbound and inbound. Outbound marketing is what you’re likely used to seeing: TV advertisements, billboards, mailers, and radio ads. These are effective for creating brand awareness and capturing the attention of your potential customers. But what is your customer supposed to do next? That’s where […]
One: Levels the Digital Competitive Landscape Digital marketing is no longer just for huge national brands. Everyone from international conglomerates to your local plumber uses websites to leverage their business. Simply having a website isn’t good enough, though. You need to be able to promote and generate traffic to your website for it to be […]
Ever since search engines have been able to offer localized suggestions, the world of digital has been turned upside down for digital marketing strategists. Since Google and other popular search engines can now access your location, owning your digital backyard means everything to your business and your website. So what does this mean for digital […]
Let’s talk numbers. Car shoppers are spending 12.5 hours online shopping for a car compared to 11.2 hours in 2013. They also visit 9.3 websites before making a purchase, 4.3 of those being dealership websites. So how do you make sure that your dealership’s website is one of the lucky 4.3? In our upcoming webinar scheduled […]
Are you new to inbound marketing? Does the sound of it bewilder you? It’s actually pretty simple. Inbound marketing is a new way to obtain leads and also reach out to loyal customers in the digital age. Inbound marketing brings in visitors, as opposed to traditional marketing, which involves going out of your way to […]
FullThrottle is starting a revolution in the automotive industry, and people are definitely noticing. On April 1, PCG announced that Stream Companies’ FullThrottle team was named a Rising Star for 2016 at this year’s Automotive Website Awards. This award is presented to new companies and products that are breaking into the automotive industry. While FullThrottle […]
12 SEO Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask If you’re shopping around for an SEO agency, chances are you’re going to hear a lot of technical SEO terms during your search. Agencies want to show you their SEO expertise, and it’s easy for them to become a little jargony. At the end of a […]
A long time ago, dealerships relied on cold calls and paid ads to promote their services and products, but no longer. Now, with everyone relying on digital platforms for shopping needs and information, it’s time to get with the times and establish an online presence for your dealership. So how would your dealership go about […]
If your auto dealership isn’t using email marketing workflows, the only people you’re helping are your competitors. Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualifies leads, according to the Annuitas Group. Failing to develop and implement email marketing workflows could be preventing your sales team from reaching their goals. […]
Your dealership has the constant challenge of standing out in a crowd of other local, regional, or even national sellers all seeking prospective buyers. But these days, our email inboxes are more crowded than ever, so if you aren’t utilizing the latest best practices in marketing automation, your competition is leaving you in the dust. […]
… … Sorry. I just got a text from Roberts Chevrolet reminding me that my car is due for service. They even included their phone number so I could easily call and make an appointment right away while it was fresh in mind. This is probably one of the best examples of how your car […]
After groggily hitting the snooze button on my phone’s alarm this morning, I scrolled through my Twitter feed, skimmed a few news articles, and put on my favorite Spotify playlist. I then walked downstairs—phone still in hand—to make some calls, look up the weather forecast, and get a jump-start on my day. While answering emails […]
There’s a saying that floats around digital marketing circles: Content is king. This saying is pervasive throughout the industry no matter what niche is being discussing for one major reason: It’s true. So what is evergreen content, why is it important, and how can you create it? A Step-by-Step Guide to Evergreen Content The general […]
Marketing involves two important factors: driving traffic to your website and getting that traffic to convert into leads. Traffic is essential to your website, but if you can’t get your traffic to convert, what exactly is the point of it? One of the most helpful ways to increase leads and profit is by conducting A/B […]
In internet marketing, conversions are an important metric for measuring your website’s user engagement. Conversions occur when visitors click on a call to action (CTA) that tells them what to do next, whether it’s downloading coupons or scheduling a test drive. The stronger a call to action, the more conversions it can generate for your […]
I was recently a new car shopper myself. And I’ll admit, at the start of my research, I was all over the place as far as where I did my searching. Top level, I was at my laptop on the manufacturer’s sites building my to-be dream ride. But as my search narrowed, I found myself—drumroll […]
Marketing without buyer personas is like cooking without knowing who your guests are. Sure it can be done, but there’s no telling if anyone’s going to like it. Creating buyer personas for your auto dealership allows you to tailor content and other inbound marketing tactics to the specific concerns, behaviors, and needs of your ideal […]


The Power of HTTPS and How to Harness It to Grow Your Business

In the aftermath of the many security breaches over the past few years, secure websites are more important than ever before. Now, with a new Google policy on secure sites, it’s essential for business owners to harness the power of HTTPS. It’s safe to say that businesses that use non-secure sites are no longer in […]

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