How To Get Audience Data and Increase Engagement

Key takeaways: 
  1. Traditional digital outreach methods, like email scraping and third-party cookies, are becoming ineffective due to privacy regulations and diminishing user consent, making it harder to get audience data that matters to your business. 
  2. First-party data, collected directly from consumers with their consent, is crucial for tailoring marketing efforts to get audience data and create strong, privacy-conscious relationships with audiences. 
  3. fullthrottle.aiTM revolutionizes audience engagement by converting location data shared by website visitors into actionable household addresses, enabling targeted, omnichannel marketing that reaches all decision-makers within a household, powered by its unique, twice-patented technology. 

Here’s a question for you: What’s the fastest way to contact someone who is browsing your website as you read this? What strategy would have the highest chance of success? 

You might start with a survey or a form fill — but if you're like most brands, forms barely capture a sliver of your visitors. 

You could try paid ads in the hope of bringing that person back — but trying to target an engaged visitor with shotgun-style advertising through Google or Facebook is a shot in the dark at best. 

Every marketer knows that reaching a lead with the right message at the right time is crucial. There’s just one problem: Until now, sending the “right message at the right time” has been little more than a pipe dream. AdTech tools simply weren’t sophisticated enough to allow that.  

Let's answer that opening question. I’ll show you how fullthrottle.aiTM provides the first true “right message, right time” service so you can get audience data and make the most of your website traffic. 

Current Challenges With Conventional Tactics 

First, the old ways. Many brands have traditionally leaned on methods like scraping emails and tracking users with third-party cookies. These tactics, once the mainstay of digital outreach, are becoming increasingly ineffective. They're not just facing legal and ethical scrutiny; their practicality is diminishing in a world where privacy regulations tighten and cookies are phased out. 

The deeper issue, however, is their blunt approach to marketing. They gather data with the assumption that more information automatically translates to better targeting. Yet, they fall short in recognizing the buyer's current stage in their journey. Is the visitor a newcomer needing an introduction, or are they further along, requiring detailed information on specific products? 

As advertising evolves with a stronger emphasis on privacy and third-party cookies in decline, brands must rethink their engagement strategies. The challenge is no longer just about reaching out, but doing so in a manner that respects the consumer's privacy and aligns with their specific needs at each stage of their journey.  

In short, it’s time to move away from one-size-fits-all tactics to a more nuanced, consent-based approach that effectively engages consumers based on where they stand in the buying process. 

Rethinking Audience Engagement: From Third-Party to First-Party Strategies 

If you’ve heard some buzz about first-party data, there’s a good reason. Since it’s collected with consent from consumer interactions, it offers a level of accuracy and respect for privacy that can’t be achieved through third-party “peek through the window” strategies. By focusing on the data that consumers willingly share, brands can tailor their marketing efforts more effectively and build stronger relationships with their audience.  

fullthrottle.aiTM: A New Way To Get Audience Data

fullthrottle.aiTM has a clear premise. We help you generate first-party household data from your website traffic. Then, we let you activate instant marketing that influences every decision-maker in the household. The idea is simple, the execution is difficult, and fullthrottle.aiTM makes it easy. 

Our platform's ability to market to entire households, rather than just individual users, expands the reach of your marketing efforts. After all, no one buys a new car without their spouse’s approval. This holistic approach ensures that marketing messages are not just targeted but are also relevant to all decision-makers within a household, increasing the chances of conversion. We have the data to prove it. 

The fastest way to reach your potential buyers is through fullthrottle.aiTM. The technology behind our platform, powered by two patents, is unlike anything you’ve ever seen; if you want a peek, book a demo with us.