Here’s the Key to High ROI in Direct Mail Campaigns

In an era where our inboxes are overflowing and digital ads clutter every online space, direct mail exists not as a relic of the past but as a powerful tool for personal connection and engagement. The essence of receiving a physical piece of mail — holding it, opening it, and reading it — still has a unique charm. Still, we hear the question a lot: Is sending direct mail in 2024 still a good idea? The short answer is yes. The long answer is much more interesting, and will give you new ways to squeeze the best return out of your campaigns. 


Key takeaways: 

  1. Direct mail remains effective in 2024, offering a tangible, personal connection that enhances brand recall and resonates strongly with generations that have high spending power. 
  2. Integrating direct mail with digital campaigns increases engagement and emotional intensity, leveraging the strengths of both to create a more impactful marketing mix. 
  3. SmartMail, powered by™️, revolutionizes direct mail through hyper-personalization and integration with digital campaigns, significantly boosting campaign performance. 


The Enduring Power of Direct Mail 

Direct mail is still effective — not despite digital ads, but because of them. Unlike the fleeting nature of an email or an online ad, direct mail establishes a tangible connection. Literally, since your audience is putting hands on your ad.  

Different age groups, particularly Gen X (where most buying power is concentrated), show a strong preference for this format. According to a sweeping study by the United States Postal Service, 71% of Gen X consumers find mail to be more personal than online communications. Both Gen X and older demographics tend to favor promotional materials received by mail over those presented through emails and apps.  

While older generations have stronger affinities for direct mail, every age bracket is drawn to the medium in its own way. Millennials, for example, were found “[...] most likely to be directly motivated by a mailpiece—whether that means making a purchase or sharing the information provided with someone else.”  

Gen Z consumers were no exception, either. The survey found that 72% of Gen Z consumers “would be disappointed to no longer receive mail and say they are excited to discover what the mail brings every day.” 

This inclination underscores direct mail's ability to resonate across generations (notably, the ones with the most spending power), offering a unique blend of personalization and physicality that digital channels can't replicate. 

Amplifying Impact With Integration 

The integration of direct mail with digital campaigns creates a synergistic effect that increases engagement. SG360's research reveals that integrated campaigns capture 39% more attention than digital-only initiatives. Moreover, these multifaceted campaigns provoke a 5% increase in emotional intensity, leading to a more memorable and impactful experience. 

The omnichannel method plays a crucial role in reinforcing memory and enhancing brand association. When marketers combine the tactile allure of direct mail with the pervasive reach of digital advertising, they see a 10% lift in brand recall compared to relying solely on digital methods. This integration strategy not only broadens the audience reach but also deepens the connection with consumers, leveraging the strengths of both worlds to create a more engaging and effective marketing mix. 

Results like this are why™️ uses omnichannel marketing to influence the visitors on your site. When you meet your audience across every medium, they see and respond to your brand in different contexts — and when it’s time to buy, you’ll be top of mind.  

Overcoming Personalization Hurdles 

Personalizing direct mail has always presented some challenges. The limitations in data collection, segmentation, and customization lead to a one-size-fits-all approach that fails to resonate on a personal level with recipients. It’s for these reasons that direct mail gets a reputation as a “shotgun” approach to advertising. You send out a ton of mailers and hope some of them get to a receptive audience.  

Thankfully, direct mail in 2024 looks very different, and™️ has a new way to capitalize on its strengths while shoring up its weaknesses. We’re audience-obsessed at our core, focusing on the toughest challenge in all of marketing: finding the right audience for those messages. The patented AdTech engine powering our platform finds unique households who are active and engaged with your products — and we’ve got a way to hone every mail campaign to an efficient edge.  

The SmartMail Advantage 

At™️ our direct mail campaigns are called SmartMail — an evolutionary leap that adds the cutting-edge capabilities of™️ technology to every mailer. This innovative strategy leverages the opt-in location data from visitors to your website that gets resolved down to household addresses. This granularity allows us to create hyper-personalized direct mail campaigns that target the most engaged segments of your audience — the ones our AI tells us have the highest chance of responding. 

It’s not just mail, though. Integrating SmartMail with digital campaigns amplifies the effectiveness of both channels. This combination harnesses the immediate reach and ease of digital advertising with the personal touch and high engagement of direct mail. We have more success stories and case studies than we know what to do with, all of which support the way SmartMail boosts campaign performance and achieves incredible returns.™️ Makes the Most of Direct Mail Campaigns 

Direct mail has not only survived the digital revolution; it’s thrived thanks to new technologies that bolster its strengths. The integration of innovative solutions like SmartMail has reinvigorated the channel, making the choice to use direct mail in 2024 a no-brainer. By combining the strengths of direct mail with the precision and reach of digital campaigns, marketers can create highly personalized, engaging, and effective marketing strategies. 

If you want to supercharge your campaigns with the power of SmartMail and first-party household data, book a demo!