• September 15, 2023

Case Study: Creative Energies

100x ROI
increased conversions


Creative Energies, a solar company active in both Wyoming and Utah, was struggling with low conversion rates and aimed to fine-tune their sales process. While they had a decent flow of appointments and leads, turning these leads into profitable sales was a challenge. Their initial appointments per month were seven, and the average job value was approximately $25,000.

Creative Energies had a clear goal: They aimed for a more targeted and effective strategy to convert their website visitors into quality leads and ultimately, sales.

Sales Improvement Over Time

creative energies sales improvement


Creative Energies took a dual-approach strategy. Internally, they invested in optimizing their SEO, making their website more mobile-friendly and elevating the user experience to boost time on page.

Externally, they partnered with fullthrottle.ai to identify and nurture potential in-market customers. fullthrottle.ai identified households visiting Creative Energies’ website and instantly deployed targeted marketing to these identified households.


This partnership has not only met but exceeded expectations, showing the profound impact that a targeted household approach can have on a business's bottom line.

     •  As our AI learns the client’s site visitors, we see metrics increase over time. Sales attributed to fullthrottle.ai improved from an average of three sales a month in the first four months to eight sales a month in the most recent four months.

     •  The average conversion rate for households newly identified by fullthrottle.ai stood at 3.9%.

     •  With a $25,000 average job value for Creative Energies, just one sale generated by fullthrottle.ai would create significant ROI. Over the course of the case study, Creative Energies saw a jaw-dropping 100x return on their investment in our platform.

     •  By leveraging fullthrottle.ai's first-party data and multi channel marketing strategy, Creative Energies exceeded their goal. This case proves that the fullthrottle.ai platform can identify valuable households, influence them with Immersive Household® marketing, and verify that those efforts led to sales.

Average ROI Over Time

roi over time creative energies
features used digital smart mail and social

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