• October 13, 2022
Solar Power of OK Sales Increase


Solar Power of Oklahoma, a member of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, knew its website could be an innovative sales tool. However, they also knew only 3% of website visitors convert into leads, and they were missing the 97% who don’t leave their contact information. So, to gain traction with the people coming to their website, they needed a way to transform those visitors into first-party household data and pull them through the buying funnel.

Solar Power of Oklahoma had two goals: To increase traffic to their website and to capture those website visitors as leads. In order to drive more traffic to their website, they hired a new ad agency and then combined their efforts with fullthrottle.ai’s AdTech to identify and resolve those website visitors into first-party households.


Within 90 days of activating fullthrottle.ai's platform, Solar Power of Oklahoma doubled their converted identified households, with steady month-over-month growth. In one month alone, they broke records with 47 solar installations. Twenty-three percent of those sales matched back to a household identified by FullThrottle’s AdTech. This was a 104% increase from the previous year in the same month. This shows the combined power of using fullthrottle.ai and an agency.

Combining forces with an agency and with the lead generation power of fullthrottle.ai’s AdTech, Solar Power of Oklahoma was able to increase their installations month-over-month. A great agency and quality AdTech, like fullthrottle.ai, has shown to be a winning combination for solar companies and many other brands.

Solar Power of OK Features Used

Unlock Unique Cookieless 1st Party Data

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