• December 28, 2023
16.68% increase in financed loans
identified households monthly
increase in funded loans


A national automotive loan refinancing company needed a way to retarget their website visitors instantly. Due to the “shop around” nature of their business, the loan refinancing company knew most of their website visitors look at multiple companies when assessing refinancing their vehicle or evaluating their current loan/lease program. As a result, most of their traffic won’t submit an inquiry, and this company wanted an organic way to reach out to those who intend to submit an inquiry eventually.

To determine who is on their website and instantly retarget those visitors, the automotive loan refinancing company partnered with fullthrottle.ai.

The Perfect Partnership

fullthrottle.ai’s AdTech is powered by patent-pending technology and designed to identify website visitors, instantly market to these shoppers, and measure the journey to guide them toward purchase. fullthrottle.ai’s AdTech is the perfect solution to help this automotive loan refinancing company quickly reach its unconverted website visitors and determine matchbacks on their website.

The KPIs they set with fullthrottle.ai are measured on matchbacks since inquiries lead to more funded loans. Setting these KPIs also helps them accurately prove ROI.

This automotive loan refinancing company deploys fullthrottle.ai’s instant marketing activation, including SmartMail, email, digital display, and social media, with a YTD total of 688,722 digital impressions.


The average monthly households identified by fullthrottle.ai’s AdTech is 9,783. Due to fullthrottle.ai identifying their website traffic and instantly deploying marketing, the company gained a 2.73% increase in funded loans. For this automotive loan refinancing company, that’s 238 funded loans! In just three months of using fullthrottle.ai, they saw 720 total funded loans from households identified by fullthrottle.ai’s AdTech, with an 16.68% increase in financed loans Month Over Month.

After finding success with fullthrottle.ai, this refinancing loan company upgraded their fullthrottle.ai program from sending remarketing to 4,000 identified shoppers to 5,000! They requested this upgrade after only four months with fullthrottle.ai, due to their remarkable increase in funded loans and discovering the amount of traffic on their website.

Direct traffic and pay-per-click continue to be the most significant drivers of traffic to their website, contributing 69% and 35% of all identified site visitors, respectively.

fullthrottle.ai’s ability to identify website visitors showed them just how much traffic they were missing previously. So now, they can convert more visitors into leads to quickly guide them down the sales funnel.

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