fullthrottle.ai's Integrated Marketing Cloud is the most advanced marketing platform for automotive dealerships, allowing you to manage all of your data in one integrated platform. 

What is the Integrated Marketing Cloud (IMC)?

fullthrottle.ai’s Integrated Marketing Cloud is the automotive industry's first platform that manages both types of first-party data, all powered by fullthrottle.ai's patented technology. The IMC manages your transactional first-party data living in your CRM and DMS, and it builds new incremental first-party data by transforming your website traffic into first-party household data.

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Who is the IMC for?

It’s essential that everyone in the automotive industry – OEMs, Tier 2s, and dealerships – understand and organize both their historical sales and service audience data, as well as daily website data collection. The IMC works for anyone that wants:

  • A more efficient way to advertise, providing a higher ROI for your dealership.​​

  • Increased retention of sales and service non-loyal customers by keeping them engaged with your dealership, building dealership loyalty. ​​

  • More actionable web leads from your website traffic that converts at a much higher percentage.​

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What does the IMC solve for?

fullthrottle.ai’s patented technology powers the products that allow the automotive industry to constantly collect and build their new shopper data.

Eliminate Ghost Tools– nothing is needed from you or your employees to execute the IMC. The IMC is a fully hands-free technology that allow you to understand EXACTLY what marketing tactics drive sales and service appointments, including your 3rd Party Vendors. Eliminate wasted ad dollars on prospects who are not in the market to buy a car.

All in one easy to navigate, transparent dashboard.


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