Considering increased awareness for consumer privacy and the importance of transparency in business operations, it is essential that an Advertiser fulfill its obligations to its consumers, including obtaining proper consent when working with third-party vendors, such as fullthrottle.aiTM, that leverage Advertiser's geolocation data (and in some territories, “precise” geolocation data) to provide services to these Advertisers.

Please note that the following is informational guidance and not legal advice. We highly recommend for Advertisers to consult with their legal and privacy counsel to review their individual obligations and policies.

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Best Practices:

1. Transparency: Clearly inform customers about the types of data being collected, the purpose of the data collection, and the third parties involved. 

2. Affirmative Action: Ensure that customers take an explicit action to provide their consent with a YES or ALLOW. Avoid using pre-checked boxes or implied consent mechanisms. 

3. Regular Review: Periodically review and update consent mechanisms to ensure they are aligned with current regulations and best practices. 

4. Leverage Consent Management Tools: A software solution or platform that enables organizations to obtain, store, and manage user consents. These tools ensure that consumer choices regarding their data are recorded and adhered to, and they often provide an easy way to demonstrate compliance to regulators. 

Reminders for Compliance:

  • Always be aware of state-specific privacy legislations. States may have unique requirements that go beyond federal regulations. 
  • Offer customers an option to opt-out of your business’ general consumer data collection and storage. Even after obtaining consent, consumers should have the ability to change their preferences.
  • Use consent management tools to simplify the process of obtaining and managing consents. This will not only streamline the process but also ensure accuracy and compliance. 
  • Review existing vendor relationships, especially with entities like fullthrottle.aiTM, to understand what data is being accessed, how, and why.
  • Train staff on the importance of data privacy and the correct procedures for obtaining and documenting consent. 
  • Consider implementing a Consent Management Tool if not already in use. 

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