Discover How To Reach Your Unreachables and Recapture Lost Website Traffic

by Bill Parlaman, Chief Experience Officer

There is a problem most brands aren’t aware of, resulting from cookie deprecation. In the past, before third-party cookie depreciation, you could target 100% of your website visitors. Then, Safari and Firefox decided to block third-party cookies — reducing your addressable retargeting pool by 50%.  

Now, your primary option is Chrome, leaving only 50% of your addressable audience in the marketing pool. If this wasn’t bad enough, studies have shown that 40% of Chrome browser users opt to disable third-party cookie tracking. This leaves brands with approximately a 30% addressable audience they can reach through traditional retargeting methods. This is a considerable portion of a brand’s audience, and all of it lost due to third-party cookie deprecation.  

The job of retargeting is to advertise and market to the people who visit your website. Then, you continue to nurture and pull them through the buying funnel until they make a purchase. However, times are changing. With public awareness around data privacy comes a new generation of consumers who don’t want cookies and trackers following them on their journey.  

It’s not just privacy-conscious users, either. Several browsers have deprecated cookies due to looming legal action around data privacy. All these things together — privacy laws, browser cookie deprecation, and opt-outs — mean a whole segment of your audience cannot be retargeted. We call them the Unreachables — and their numbers grow by the day.  

To put things in perspective, if you have 100,000 website visitors, you cannot retarget 62,326 visitors with traditional retargeting methods. So, here’s how the numbers shake out: 

  • Right off the bat, you lose the ability to retarget 50,000 of your audience who use browsers like Safari and Firefox — browsers that have already deprecated third-party cookies. 
  • Among the remaining half who use Chrome, 20,000 opt out of cookie tracking. 
  • That leaves just 30,000 of your audience available for retargeting.

You might be asking, “What’s the big deal? I’m still getting traffic; why do I need to retarget?” The answer: Retargeting makes it 70% more likely that you can convert previous visitors into paying customers and can result in a 147% increase in average conversion rates. 

This is why it’s vital to build marketing audiences using first-party data. 

We created this handy tool so you can see exactly how much of your website traffic is lost with traditional retargeting methods (don’t worry, it’s totally free).  Drop in your URL and traffic volume for a detailed breakdown of lost visitors segmented by web browser. 

What Do I Need To Make a First-Party Data Plan? 

You need a strategy to build incremental first-party data and pull your website visitors down the buyer funnel to purchase. So where do you start? 

Begin by capturing first-party data from your website traffic. Then, identify those audiences at the household level and activate omnichannel marketing on that data. It seems simple. Not entirely — as always, there’s a bit of a catch. 

The main issue with the first-party data most brands collect is that it is rear-view since it consists of past purchases and historical information from previous customers. This rear-view data is usually stored in a company’s CRM. Unfortunately, you might not use or consistently update much of that data, so it decays over time. This means that your marketing efforts could be wasted on outdated audiences who are no longer interested in what you’re selling.  

What brands need to do is build first-party data audiences in real-time. That’s where fullthrottle.aiTM can help. 

AdTech You Can Use To Capture Lost Website Traffic's technology lives on your brand’s website to help you build your first-party data set. The foundation of this data is website traffic that would otherwise be lost, especially since retargeting is changing and 97% of website users leave sites without converting into a lead. 

That means you get fresh, new data owned by you in perpetuity. We’re flipping the script on how Google and Facebook share data, which is limited to their platform and not at all transparent. Where they take a walled garden approach, keeping ownership over your consumers’ data, we open the gates and give you the reins. 

With the data’s technology collects, brands can see verified addresses and how previously Unreachable audiences have been interacting with their website. We give you more than generalized traffic metrics. We dig down to the pages and products your visitors are looking at as the AdTech AI tracks each consumer down the shopping funnel. As a result, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions about where your marketing dollars are spent. Where you were once losing up to 70% of all advertising audiences — now, you can target 100% of your website audiences with an absolute accuracy that squeezes every bit of value out of your marketing budget. 

Do I Have Enough First-Party Data? 

Depending on what you consider your first-party data, the chances are low that you’ll have enough to run successful campaigns.  

If you have lots of customers in your CRM, that’s great. You should incorporate your previous customers into your marketing campaigns. However, while rear-view data has its place, you should enrich it with live first-party data to make faster and more efficient decisions. In addition, you’ll need a way to clean and update those records constantly. 

Here’s another thing to consider: you might be deploying content, such as eBooks and downloadable materials, to capture and convert leads. How many leads are you receiving a month from content?  

Only 3% of leads convert on average, so you’re missing a massive chunk of people on your website. Shouldn’t there be an easier way to collect first-party data where you don’t have to do … anything? 

At fullthrottle.aiTM, our job is to help you build more future first-party data. We do the heavy lifting so you can make intelligent calls.

How Do I Capture Novel First-Party Data? 

If you’re ready to capture your lost website traffic, fullthrottle.aiTM is here to help you. You no longer need to waste your advertising spend on website traffic that you quickly lose. With fullthrottle.aiTM, you can build your first-party data audience and reach the Unreachables. 

Schedule your demo today to see how fullthrottle.aiTM can help you. In the meantime, check out our free audience calculator to see your lost website traffic.