What do you get with Oracle Data? What are the benefits?

  • In-Market Model Audiences​
    • Reach people in market by brand or model​
    • Incentive based promotions, conquesting, pushing slow moving inventory​
  • Owner Model Audiences​
    • Bring current owners into the dealership with vehicle incentives, trade up, service special by make or model​
  • In-Market Audiences for Pre-Owned & CPO Campaigns​
    • Reach used vehicle buyers returning to market with an interest in general body style​
    • Promote pre-owned inventory based on brand​
  • Reach Households with Expiring Lease in the Next 6 Months
    • Find households with a history of leasing and expiring leasing; define by luxury and non-luxury​
    • Target based on vehicle classification by body style or in market make data​
  • TransUnion data to target people based on Finance Data​
    • Reach customers based on credit criteria: in market for an auto load, credit score tiers, loan maturity​
    • Promote credit offers, create look-a-like audiences based on credit tier, reach high-risk drivers to promote collision centers​
  • Visa & MasterCard data to find people spending on parts and service
    • Reach customers that currently service their vehicle at independent shops like Jiffy Lube​
    • Target parts, accessories and tires buyers


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