We are excited to share a few updates regarding the Household Insights Screen in our fullthrottle.app platform! The screen has been reorganized into two key areas related to our New Audiences - Behavioral and Hyperlocal. 

Behavioral –– these are insights based on activity.

    • Our AI Propensity Analysis shows the funnel breakdown. 

AI Propensity Analysis

    • Make Model Interests –– any clients flagged as automotive will have vehicle interests based on the URL patterns visited.  

Make and Model Propensity

Any client that is not automotive will see their custom journey segments and the associated audience breakdown.

Hyperlocal –– these are insights based on locations. This is mostly relevant for regional businesses vs. National businesses. 

    • Addressable households based on mile radius  

Addressable Household Mile Radius

    • Top Cities and Zip Codes 

Top Cities and Zip Codes

    • NEW CSV export button

CSV Export

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