Apartments, High-rises, and Multi-Unit Buildings  

New ShopperSuite Feature 

Up until now, ShopperSuite only identified single-family households. Now everything residential is identified, with access to market to them accordingly.  

Apartments and high-rises are important.  

People who live in those buildings talk to each other. Consider elevator and mailroom talk. People living in the same building have similar: thinking patterns, life stages, and socioeconomic status.  

Starting in February 2022, current ShopperSuite clients will be able to see multi-unit residents in their dashboards. Like all other pages on the dashboard, you can click into it.

By clicking on Multi-Unit Residences, it will take you to a list. This list tracks shoppers, what influences them, what ads they’re clicking on. And because not every high-rise or apartment building is as active as others, we’ve also added a “shopper density” feature. 

Shopper Density will show you how many people from that building are shopping around on your website.  

If you click into it further, you will see a slightly different view from the single-family profile. 

What can I do with multi-unit households? 

These residents will receive all marketing efforts besides mail and email. We can deliver social, display, and video. You can also perform lookback campaigns and allocate leftover budget to market digital display to those who have not yet converted. 

Currently, clients on ShopperSuite will be able to explore their household audiences in their dashboard. However, website visitors in high-rises will not be marketed to or included in campaigns, until March.  

In March 2022, digital display, social, and video will automatically include high value in-market shoppers within multi-unit buildings. Sales matches will also match against in-market multi-unit buildings. The best part? None of this comes at any additional cost to clients currently on ShopperSuite.