• November 22, 2023
You need to insulate your technology investments with cookieless technology and help your clients own their audiences.

Producing Actionable Data for Instant Multi-Touch Marketing and Trackable Measurement

Agencies and brands face several problems in the evolving world of marketing and advertising. With Google sunsetting support for third-party cookies and privacy regulations changing frequently, it can be difficult to keep up. Issues include:

     • Navigating the maze of CTV, digital video, audio streaming, and podcasts.

     • Access to premium inventory.

     • Lack of sales attribution and marketing influence.

     • Easily activating website and first-party data.

If these struggles sound familiar, then fullthrottle.ai’s closed-loop marketing platform is the solution for you.

fullthrottle.ai helps businesses navigate the demise of third-party cookies and leverage first-party data. How? By transforming cookie-based website visitors into first-party, in-market household audiences and providing the pipes to efficiently target these audiences as they consume content.

How to Use fullthrottle.ai for Your Clients

As an agency, you likely know about the demise of third-party cookies. With Google sunsetting support, you need a way to help your clients collect more first-party data to help them activate marketing against their households. You also want to provide better reporting and better ROAS metrics.

The Solution?

Becoming a reseller partner of fullthrottle.ai's proprietary, patented technology.

The Process

Once the fullthrottle.ai script is installed on your clients’ website, it immediately begins collecting first-party data. It does so in a privacy-first, opt-in manner, all without the use of cookies, making our technology truly future-proof.

fullthrottle.ai identifies:

     • Your clients’ website visitors down to the household level.

     • How the visitors arrived on the website.

     • The complete buyer journey, from first clicks to purchase.

While generating first-party data, fullthrottle.ai deploys instant marketing to your clients' prospects via:

     • Direct Mail

     • Digital Display Ads

     • Social

     • Mobile

     • Addressable Audio

     • Addressable Video

Reviewing with Your Clients

When you meet with your clients to review marketing progress, there are several touchpoints fullthrottle.ai contributes for a 360° view on strategies. fullthrottle.ai will show you which of the website visitors bought their product or service and which marketing channels helped produce those sales. This gives you the ability to show them clear ROI/ROAS and better actionable analytics, making you a valuable partner to your client.

You and your clients can also review campaigns, thanks to fullthrottle.ai’s platform, which shows you exactly how they are progressing. fullthrottle.ai quickly and easily identifies if your marketing is hitting the correct geographic area and which areas your marketing is missing, allowing you to pivot strategies when necessary. You can also look back at the first-party data from several months prior and activate marketing against those households who have not made a purchase, or you can upsell new products and services to previous customers.

These touchpoints make you a valuable partner with your client, leading to better strategy meetings, longer client retention, and additional marketing budget for your agency.

Future-Proof Your Clients' Business with First-Party Data

Retain More Clients and Win More New Business.