• December 28, 2023
20% increase in sales
9% increase in sales


An automotive dealer servicing the Tampa, FL, market faced a unique challenge. While many auto dealers were cutting advertising spend due to the macroeconomic climate, this dealership aimed to gain market share by leaning deeper into data-driven media. The dealership sought to drive efficiencies and prove the scalability of a first-party addressable TV targeting solution at the hyperlocal level.

The primary goal was to leverage first-party data to create a customized media strategy that would result in increased sales and service transactions.

The dealership aimed to:

Build a large household-based, first-party audience without relying on cookies or Device IDs.

Seamlessly integrate this audience with the TV ecosystem for targeted advertising.

Measure success against business outcomes, specifically revenue generated from vehicles sold and service appointments scheduled.

Media Partner Synergy

Tactics Used

The automotive dealership utilized fullthrottle.ai to build a first-party audience, which served as the basis for their media strategy. In collaboration with Blockgraph, this data was integrated with Spectrum Reach and used to develop customized media plans for both Linear and Streaming TV. Targeting was fine-tuned to specific cable zones and zip codes, and success was gauged by KPIs focused on revenue from vehicle sales and service appointments.


By partnering with fullthrottle.ai, the dealership achieved remarkable results:

20% Increase in Sales

With the same monthly spend and media mix as the previous quarter, the dealership saw a 20% increase in aggregated sales transactions after a 3-month flight.

9% Increase in Service Transactions

The dealership also experienced a 9% increase in aggregated service transactions.

Hyperlocal Scalability

The campaign proved that it’s possible to scale first-party data for use in video at the hyperlocal zip code level.

High Match Rates & Audience Fidelity

The partnership enabled first-party audiences to be securely matched to Spectrum Reach households in a privacy-safe way, maximizing match rates and audience fidelity.

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Partner with fullthrottle.ai and Increase Sales

Leverage first-party state to create a customized media strategy