• October 13, 2022

Case Study: BMW of Sterling

BMW of Sterling Increased Sales
BMW of Sterling Service Increase
BMW of Sterling Identified Visitors


BMW of Sterling, a single-market luxury dealership, had a goal to establish a strong brand message around their expansive EV service bays. In order to display themselves as the electric authority for BMW, they needed unique ways to send targeted advertising to their prospective customers and be able to tie it back to ROI and ROAS. Prior to partnering with fullthrottle.ai, they struggled to tie-back attribution to any advertising.

By leveraging fullthrottle.ai's patented technology, BMW of Sterling gained new insights into their marketing and sales attribution. These insights include matching customers who visited their website and came into the dealership as well as identifying in-market customers looking for luxury electric vehicles near their dealership.


As a result of their partnership with fullthrottle.ai, BMW of Sterling saw month-over-month growth. On average, fullthrottle.ai's platform identifies 4,500 website visitors for this dealership per month. In Q2 alone, they saw a 1.55% increase in sales and a 5% increase in service.

fullthrottle.ai's AdTech measures the entire buyer’s journey, from first clicks to purchase, to show you which channels are working and which ones aren’t. BMW of Sterling was able to directly attribute their increase in sales and services through match-backs of their in-market targeted audience within our platform.

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