• December 28, 2023
81% increase in returning households
increased member base
71% increase in new memberships


A community-focused credit union, aimed to increase their membership base but struggled to achieve significant results with traditional methods. In an increasingly digital world, reaching out to potential new members and effectively communicating their value proposition was proving challenging.

The credit union set goals to increase their display/social ads and direct mail, and to revolutionize their member acquisition strategy and revitalize their growth.

Tactics Used

Using fullthrottle.ai, the credit union’s outreach was enhanced with household-level, first-party data, offering them a higher level of granularity and precision in their marketing campaigns. This enabled them to target website visitors with personalized ads, nurturing them into becoming new members.

Comparisons of match-backs ensured that data was kept up to date, maintaining effectiveness and accuracy in measuring strategy results. fullthrottle.ai is a SOC 2 compliant platform, following the SOC 2 principles of Privacy, Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, and Confidentiality.


In just seven months, the credit union saw an impressive increase of 81% in returning households—a clear indicator of their new membership growth. Moreover, their Q2 new memberships trended up by a substantial 71% over Q1, providing further evidence of the effectiveness of their revamped approach.

With fullthrottle.ai, the credit union successfully tied their marketing campaigns to tangible results. fullthrottle.ai’s detailed, first-party data empowered the credit union with the insights and tools to significantly increase their member base.

Features Used

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