• August 21, 2023

Case Study: Florida Window & Door

return on invesment
increase in job value
Revenue increased


Florida Window & Door, a reputable home improvement company operating within a single market area, was facing a significant challenge. The company sought to identify and understand the households that were visiting their website, specifically those that did not complete the “Contact Me” form. In the age of privacy and with third-party cookies unable to identify those visitors and deprecating retargeting capabilities, this was a difficult task.

The company had one goal in mind: to achieve a tenfold return on investment. They understood the power of quality data and how it could transform their business by delivering valuable insights and nurturing prospective leads.


Our tactics proved to be enormously successful. Not only did Florida Window & Door meet its goal, but it significantly exceeded it, yielding a 47x return on investment. By leveraging the power of first-party data, the company also noted a 16.9% increase in job value. These gains were made through Immersive Household® marketing to fullthrottle.ai identified households, leading them down the purchasing funnel to high-value transactions.

They also leveraged a fullthrottle.ai lookback campaign of website visitors who were determined by our AI to be near a purchase decision in the last quarter, but who did not transact. Partnering with fullthrottle.ai for audience identification and marketing, Florida Window & Door was able to ensure no potential lead was left untapped. The lookback campaign ultimately yielded over $80,000 in revenue from otherwise cold leads—a capability unique to the fullthrottle.ai platform.

The impressive outcomes from Florida Window & Door’s partnership with fullthrottle.ai showcase the substantial results you can gain by utilizing first-party data to generate and market to higher-quality leads. As privacy regulations tighten and third-party cookies are phased out, fullthrottle.ai’s future-proof solutions revolutionize how companies identify new audiences, market to prospects, and measure their effectiveness.

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