• November 7, 2023
increased revenue 12%
discovered best places to allocate marketing
9% higher ticket value


A nationwide home remodeling center had a goal to generate new leads and increase sales from their existing target audience. fullthrottle.ai was brought on to identify and resolve website visitors into addressable households of net-new audiences that the home remodeling center couldn’t reach with traditional retargeting methods.

fullthrottle.ai helps you identify your website visitors, turning them into real in-market addressable households that you can reach with your marketing campaigns and measure results back to actual transactions.


In a one month lookback, the home remodeling center increased their total revenue across their Northern and Southern California regions by 12%. Perhaps more importantly, the disparity between regions demonstrates how fullthrottle.ai can help a business identify which geographic areas are most profitable.

In their Southern region, transactions totaled $1,004,107 with an average ticket value of $24,490. The home remodeling center can now contrast this with their Northern region, which brought in only $199,398 at an average ticket value of $22,155.

In other words, their marketing campaigns in Northern California returned about 80% less revenue than campaigns in the south, and Northern customers spent less on average. This information will be crucial in helping the home remodeling center make effective decisions on where to allocate marketing budget in the future.

From a top level, this additional revenue came solely through new leads generated by fullthrottle.ai’s AdTech. Because our platform identifies hand-raisers who are active on the client’s site, these weren’t ordinary leads — they were extremely high quality and ready to buy. As a result, the ticket value for a converted lead identified by our platform was 9% higher than the home remodeling center’s average.

In this home remodeling center’s instance, they were able to attribute an increase in sales and ticket values to audiences identified and marketed to with fullthrottle.ai’s technology – and break down campaign results by geographic location.

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