• November 7, 2023


A multi-market personal injury law firm aimed to convert more of its website traffic. When they signed on with fullthrottle.ai, this law firm paid an average of $100 per click. The average cost per acquisition for law firms was $1,214 at that time. [1] They wanted to spend less than $1,000 per acquisition, which meant they needed to convert more of their website traffic to lower costs.

Only around 3% of website visitors convert into leads. fullthrottle.ai, powered by patented technology, can transform website visitors into leads, capturing the other 97%.


After fullthrottle.ai’s script was installed on their website, the software transformed their previously programmatic audiences into household-based, first-party data.

fullthrottle.ai sends instant and look-back marketing campaigns to their website visitors, including direct mail, digital display ads, and social media. The platform can also see where shoppers come from and what marketing channels influenced them. Our AI tracks their journey through the funnel, sending the right message at the right time.


On average, this firm has 1,500 visitors identified monthly. In a single quarter, this personal injury law firm increased their converted cases by 0.86%
due to households identified by fullthrottle.ai.

They had 160 converted cases and 128 non-converted cases (cases they could not take on to represent) thanks to fullthrottle.ai’s ability to identify in-market audiences. Since they could convert visitors into leads, they spent far less on acquisitions—and a single client can bring in millions in revenue.

Our sales attribution and AI insights for buyer propensity have provided this firm with the critical insights and analytics needed to make confident marketing decisions. They started with the Florida market and added on Nashville after seeing significant success with our technology.

Their industry is a quick-decision industry. People are quick to pick a personal injury attorney. The speediness of fullthrottle.ai’s platform has helped guide buyers through the funnel. In addition, our Immersive Household® managed advertising sends the right message at the right time to their website visitors.

[1] https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2019/08/19/conversion-rate-benchmarks

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