• September 21, 2023
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260% ROI using fullthrottle


A popular Hawaii-based travel and tourism company specializing in water excursions faced a significant challenge. They wanted to increase travel bookings from the continental U.S. but were struggling to identify their target audience.

The primary goal was to increase experience bookings from the continental US and reach potential customers in the midst of their travel planning, before they reached their destination.


To address this challenge, fullthrottle.ai implemented a multi-faceted approach. First, we installed the script for our proprietary AdTech on the company's website to identify and resolve website visitors into first-party addressable households. This allowed us to pinpoint real, in-market leads who were genuinely interested in water excursions.

Once the leads were identified, we deployed targeted display and social ads to these households instantly. We also activated SmartMail, sending out direct mail to the highest-propensity leads within 48 hours of identification. This rapid deployment ensured that our client was top-of-mind for potential customers during the most crucial stages of planning.

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increased bookings and ROI


The business experienced a significant 64% increase in returning households month over month — all generated using fullthrottle.ai’s patented AdTech. Right alongside this growth, they saw a 43% increase in conversions in one month alone.

The total sales matched to fullthrottle.ai over a three-month campaign was $31,200. With a monthly investment of $4,000 in fullthrottle.ai’s services, our client saw an average ROI of 260%.

These results highlight the successful collaboration between fullthrottle.ai and our clients in the travel and tourism industry, leading to substantial growth in both conversions from their website visitors and an increase in experience bookings.

The company’s collaboration with fullthrottle.ai led to a remarkable increase in bookings and a substantial ROI. By leveraging a data-informed marketing strategy, they were able to connect with real, in-market leads and transform their challenges into success.

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