• June 30, 2023


A national multi-market home improvement company wanted to grow its business into more regions.
They needed a way to identify their critical geographic areas to know where they should expand to meet their
potential consumers

With fullthrottle.ai, you can see where your website visitors come from as the program
transforms their previously programmatic audiences into first-party, household-based data.

Window Company Sales Increase
Window Company market growth


By leveraging fullthrottle.ai’s patented identification technology, this window company obtained insights into market intenders, which helped them determine their next priority markets for business expansion. On average, 8,250 households are identified for this window manufacturer—per month!

Not only does this window company know where to target their best customers, but they also experienced a 5.25% increase in sales due to fullthrottle.ai, which sends automatic instant marketing, including SmartMail, digital display, social media, and look-back. In addition, our Immersive Household® managed advertising sends the right message at the right time to their website visitors.

fullthrottle.ai has been so influential in growing their business that our software is automatically included in their marketing budget when new markets are added. For example, when they first started with fullthrottle.ai, this window company had eight markets. They have since expanded to 14, with plans to add three additional markets before the end of the year.

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