Power your Customer Data Platform with 1p households

Unlock unique cookieless household data & create a futureproof plan with fullthrottle.aiTM
Supercharge your CDP with 1st Party Data from the Future

Create an ongoing real-time data current

Defibrillate your customers datalakes into a forward-facing data collection powerhouse. Create scale with new novel transformed household 1st party data.

  • Transform Cookie + Programmatic Audiences into 1st Party Households + Identity
  • By incorporating patented technology, we can identify and resolve shoppers across multiple devices into real in-market addressable households

customer data platforms real time
FullThrottle Marketing Automation
Unlock hidden components of the complete customer journey

Accelerate your clients journey to data independence

  • People-based audiences
  • Not reliant on 1p/3p cookies or IDFA/DeviceIDs
  • 100% Proprietary Cookieless Technology
  • Multi-Device Identity Resolution
  • Full click-path view of all URLs
  • Household Based Approach
  • CPRA + Privacy centric with Opt-in

Robust Open API Data Platform

Audience Flume API

Zerograph data starts with “knowns”- nothing appended or purchased from third party aggregators. Be a source-of-truth with fully agnostic media influence. Enable your customers to:

  • Leverage more of their most relevant data – their own 1p data
  • Conduct deeper analysis, audience modeling, & insights
  • Leave the modeled off-the-shelf world behind
  • Uncover AI-powered insight to the Buyer Journey
  • Deploy targeted marketing based on purchase readiness
  • Complete ROAS with Sales Influence

FullThrottle Media Activation

Audience Flume API Platform

Robust set of API services to ingest 1p data and build into a future-proof technology stack and data lake

Influence API

  • Ping Influence Channel, Sources, and Ad Interactions for any household ID
  • Aggregated as household moves through sales funnel

Identification API

  • Retrieve identified 1p households
  • Access and store all household attributes
  • Separate Single vs. Multi Unit Residences

Propensity API

  • AI & ML determine likeliness to make a purchase by ID
  • Changes Up and Down daily as household moves through sales funnel

Unlock Unique Cookieless 1st Party Data

Create a futureproof plan with fullthrottle.aiTM