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Service Descriptions

FullThrottle Platform (aka ShopperSuite)

Platform Tiers:

    • Lite
    • Growth
    • Professional
    • Premium
    • Enterprise
Subscription-based Service which includes the placement of FullThrottle proprietary technology on Customer designated website(s) which collects and transforms website data into 1st Party household data. This Service provides access to a proprietary data exploration dashboard where data is curated and visualized, for media planning, activation, and measurement. Platform tiers include set amounts of households defined in Service Agreement.
FullThrottle Platform - Installation Guided implementation of FullThrottle technology on Customer designated websites. This Service employs dedicated support to fully launch including troubleshooting, quality assurance, and tag manager instructions.
FullThrottle Platform - Trial Trial-based version of the FullThrottle Platform for Customer’s internal evaluation purposes. Trial Subscriptions shall automatically expire at the end of the defined Subscription Term unless otherwise stated on the Order.
Media Activation Subscription Service and Schedule Media Activation Service allows Customer to activate the curated audience data generated from the FullThrottle Platform by activating marketing tactics. These marketing tactics may be ramped up or down and customized during the Subscription Term and Media Schedule. The marketing tactics include: Immersive SmartMail, Immersive Display, Immersive Social, Immersive Audio, and Immersive Video.
AudienceFlume Set of API services to ingest 1p data and build into a technology stack and data lake; Includes APIs consisting of: Identification API, Propensity API; Influence API; and Attribution API.
White Labeled Platform A personalized and branded skinned version of FullThrottle Platform Dashboard (Shopper Suite) with customer logo and 4 key custom colors. Select components & styles of dashboard are able to be branded with chosen colors.

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