Announcing - Shopper Suite Pro

Who is this for?

In Shopper Suite Pro - we're thinking BIG! Anyone using the Shopper Suite Pro dashboard has the ability to offer different marketing to website households from different regions - nationwide! This is an ideal solution for national level brands and companies who cast a wide net across many markets throughout the USA.
Instantly begin following along as Shopper Suite Pro resolves multiple website visitors to one addressable household in real time - and truly OWN your retargeting audience.

Multiple Campaigns

We know that not every market is created equally. Some have different services to offer, or need to highlight unique phone numbers, rates, and rules. Additionally, shoppers in opposite areas on the map sometimes need contrasting information or respond to messaging in a variety of ways - depending on where they are located.
Shopper Suite Pro's Multiple Campaign feature now allows for one company to have different markets and different creative. Whether it’s for Email, Direct Mail, Display/Social - or all three - Pro makes it easy to send the customized creative that your customers deserve.

Multiple Channels

There's no need to pick a side.  Shopper Suite can now run through a variety of resellers and partners with no interference. Stuck deciding between conflicting messaging? Or having to choose between a campaign run by your manufacturer, or your local marketing association? With Pro - it's longer an issue
because all of those messages can run simultaneously. Whether you're running a campaign on Shopper Suite with your agency - or as an add-on offered through your OEM - the variety of messaging you can send through different partners is endless in Pro.

Updated Household Journey

It's all in the details. Get a bird's eye view of the household's journey across the website - from the precise geolocation, down to URL's source, medium, and even campaign name. Expand to see the full picture - or easily collapse to get a condensed version.


New Map Highlights

Find more opportunities with our updated national map. Use the simple to navigate map to easily spot what regions across the country are driving engaged traffic. Put that knowledge to use in planning out future campaigns within Shopper Suite and beyond.

When will Pro be launched & live? 

Pro will be available to everyone by July. We are easing our way into it using a carefully curated list and a solid QA process.

Pro is an evolutionary step forward - join us on the Shopper Suite journey!