fullthrottle.aiTM SiteGuard

Is your website secure? Is it performing at the top of its game, or is it weighed down by scripts you don’t need anymore? With SiteGuard, you can see who is collecting data on your website with or without your knowledge. Armed with this information, it’s easy to control and protect your digital showroom.

Your team won’t have to waste time and energy scouring through code to identify these problems. SiteGuard does the job for you. You just need to take those discoveries to your website provider and tell them what needs to change. Your reward? A high-performing site that helps you outperform your competition.

Lose the Leftover Leechers

Have you signed up for products related to website performance and then later canceled them? If so, you may have leftover scripts on your website that need to be cleaned up. SiteGuard will help you find these scripts, so you can remove them and optimize your site’s performance.

Vanquish Vampire Vendors

You won’t need garlic to ward off these vampires—just SiteGuard. What exactly is a “vampire vendor”? These vendor scripts take leads that would already be converting on your website and sell them back to you, making you pay for them. You don’t want these bloodsuckers draining your profits!

Identify Insecure Elements

Take a good, hard look at that URL: Do you see the letters “HTTPS” or just “HTTP”? That extra “S” stands for secure, and you want to see it on all your web pages. Insecure “HTTP” elements can compromise site security, slow down site speed, and result in a bad user experience. Find them and root them out.

Accelerate Your Dealership

Easy-to-use, mobile-first, world-class experiences that crush conversion goals!