When a lead is generated by fullthrottle.aiTM Lead Generation overlay, that lead is sent directly into your CRM.

But ... what if you don't have a CRM that integrates with fullthrottle.ai's Lead Generation?

Maybe you want to be alerted each time a new lead comes through.

Introducing: Lead Notification — now available in fullthrottle.ai's Lead Generation.

The What

If you already have a CRM integration, an HTML copy of the lead will now also be sent to your email inbox (in addition to fullthrottle.aiTM leads arriving smoothly in your CRM). This means you and your team can be instantly notified every time a prospect submits a lead through the promotional overlay, ensuring prompt attentiveness to the hottest of prospects. Lead Notifications will be enabled by default on all Lead Generation campaigns moving forward.

If you do not have a CRM integration, you can download the leads through the platform.

The Why

fullthrottle.aiTM Lead Generation was originally made for the automotive CRM, and not all CRMs are created equally. This new feature expands Lead Generation to be available to commerce market clients, who were previously limited when it came to CRM integrations. With this product update, those outside of the automotive industry vertical can now receive a lead alert as well as all of the associated lead information. This feature also allows for an easy way to keep track of lead count, and a quick way of sharing hot leads and prospects with your team.

The How

Find out more about how it works in our Sagedesk Knowledge Hub.