What Is a Pirate?

by Amol Waishampayan, CPO

While Jack Sparrow would have us believe it is someone committing the act of robbery on the high seas, a modern business interpretation has arisen amongst those who endeavor to navigate the corporate structure, which is often perceived as complex, political, and unyielding to many.

I’ve always worked and thrived in a small business setting. However, over the last two decades, I’ve partnered with organizations of all sizes: public/Fortune 500, private, family-owned, etc. The nature of my relationships were diverse: clients, partners, vendors, and frenemy competitors. One large publicly traded corporation sought to be a partner of fullthrottle.ai’s. Together, we built and brought to market an integrated breakthrough solution that even today continues to create lasting value for our customers. All of it was enabled and only possible through the efforts of our key champion within the corporation. I was continuously amazed at his ability to move things along, build consensus across so many departments, and materialize progress over process. When I asked about this ability and expressed concern for his political capital, he remarked,

“Well Amol, it’s okay, I’m known as a Pirate around here!” 

Over the years, I recognized the same pattern, and found that all our successful partnerships and relationships were enabled only through the Pirates that made progress –– sans stealing, malice, or illegalities of any kind. It’s the navigational and negotiation skills, strategic wit, stable sea legs, and ironclad loyalty for their customers that seem to be the foundation of pirates who successfully and positively transform their organizations.

fullthrottle.ai’s First-Party Data Generation business is growing at a tremendous pace. I know the explosive growth will only be sustained with incremental successful partnerships enabled by Pirates who adhere to the “Pirate Code” (as described herein).  

In the past, these special individuals have been called intrapreneurs, innovators, and champions. The Pirate version brings a certain level of scrappy needed in today’s business world while trailblazing across their corporations, leveling up the entire macro business ecosystem.

So, either way, be a Pirate: step across lines, break things, sail on a run, and heave-ho while staying on course. The X that marks the spot is the relentless pursuit of progress over process. Only then will you find the treasure chest that is lost to everyone else.  

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Amol Waishampayan Thought Leader