Introducing: Return on Audience


The goal of Return on Audience is to give advertisers exclusive insight into everything happening across their addressable universe - in one screen.

Up until now, we've offered a variety of reports in the platform that give an unrivaled, detailed view into your many marketing efforts.

  • First, there is the Return on Ad Click screen - which is an unbiased report on clicks from 3rd party sources, vendors, or agencies and their connection with any attributed transactions.
  • We also have the Instant Marketing screen- which total up your uniquely generated audience of 1st party data, what immersive marketing tactics they were served, and any related transactional matches to those households.
  • And finally the Custom Campaigns - showing incremental lift from segmented campaigns being served to custom audiences.


With the launch of the Return on Audience screen - all three key insights now live in one united report. 


Explore the navigation, definitions, and key features of the Return on Audience screen in our Sagedesk Knowledge Hub.