A Step-By-Step Guide to Solving the Advertising Match Rate Problem

by Lou DiGiacomo, VP of Product

We’ve uncovered the epidemic of low match rates, explained why they’re so common, and exposed the problems with walled-garden approaches. Now, it’s time for action. Here are some steps our hard-earned experience has revealed as the best path forward in the AdTech industry.

High match rates are possible — they should be a standard feature of any data-driven marketing plan.

Below is a list of the tried-and-true steps that we’ve found lead to the highest match rates possible. There is massive benefit to leveraging an end-to-end platform that handles each of these steps.

Step 1:  Start with as much first-party data as possible

This seems obvious, but a big percentage of a big number is still a big number. So, start by building as much first-party data as possible to make a solid foundation. You’re looking for previous customers, new leads, and previously unreachable in-market shoppers.

Check out our CXO Bill Parlaman’s article to read more about how to build first-party data.

Step 2: Ensure there is a robust data hygiene process in place

Hygiene is a crucial module of fullthrottle.ai’s technologies. Every household we transform for our clients runs the gamut of hygiene during the resolution, including validation via the USPS for validity, non-vacancy, etc. We’ve also mastered the art of hashing as value—even something as complex as a postal address. These processes are native to everything we do.

Step 3: Ensure you own your data and can access insights down to the household level

All audiences transformed by fullthrottle.aiTM belong to our client. That not only includes the transformed households themselves, but also advanced web analytics down to the household level, the full buyer journey for every household, AI-driven propensity to purchase, and more.

We also have a fully open API where you can pull your data into your own stack.

Step 4: Connect with the right activation partners, who think the same way about data

We have spent years perfecting the art of household-based activation and are incredibly proud of our media partners who have joined the coalition.

With a household-based currency, top-tier data hygiene, and a robust first-party data set, media activated through the fullthrottle.aiTM platform has led to higher match rates and increased revenue.

Schedule a demo with fullthrottle.aiTM to see how you can reach the unreachables.

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