Your Transactional Data Matches Every Marketing Effort to Real Results 

Sales data serves as a critical tool for refining marketing strategies and boosting revenue. Yet, the idea of sharing such valuable information often raises concerns. Businesses commonly worry about unauthorized access, the potential loss of data control, and plenty of other ethical considerations. Alleviate those fears by exploring what happens to your marketing initiatives when you share data with fullthrottle.aiTM, a secure and ethical platform. 

Key takeaways: 

  1. Businesses often hesitate to share sales data due to concerns about security, control, and ethics, but fullthrottle.aiTM addresses these issues head-on. 
  2. Sharing sales data can allow for precise ROI measurements by tying every marketing effort back to actual sales. 
  3.'s patented AdTech enables the identification of unique households for targeted, effective omnichannel marketing. 
  4. fullthrottle.aiTM prioritizes data security and ethical use, ensuring compliance with all U.S. privacy regulations. 
  5. Real-world case studies show that matching transactional data with fullthrottle.aiTM-identified households leads to measurable and scalable marketing success. 

Data Sharing: A Calculated Move, Not a Gamble 

Sharing sales data often comes with apprehension, but it doesn't have to be a gamble. When approached thoughtfully, it becomes a calculated move that can make all the difference in your marketing strategies.  

What Should I Look for in a Company I'm Sharing Data With? 

  • Security: Data breaches are a concern, but modern security protocols offer robust protection. Look for platforms with certifications like SOC 2 compliance for high security standards. 
  • Ownership: The fear of losing data control is real. However, many platforms offer first-party tracking technologies, allowing you to maintain complete ownership while benefiting from shared insights. 
  • Ethics: Ethical considerations are crucial. Look for platforms requiring active opt-in (not opt-out) from site visitors and that are transparent about data usage. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: Legal requirements like GDPR or CCPA/CPRA add complexity. Choose platforms designed to be fully compliant with these regulations so you won’t have to worry. 

With the right precautions and partnerships, sharing data becomes less of a risk and more of a strategic move for smarter marketing and measurable results. 

Why Sharing Sales Data Is Crucial 

Look, it's natural for businesses to be wary of sharing sales data. The concerns are multi-faceted, ranging from potential data breaches to complex compliance requirements. While these fears are valid, they often overshadow the immense benefits that come with sharing sales data, especially when you're working with a conscientious and transparent partner. 

Is fullthrottle.aiTM Secure?  

Data breaches are a nightmare scenario for any business. fullthrottle.aiTM understands this concern and has implemented robust security measures to protect your data. Our platform is SOC 2 compliant, which is a certification given only to companies that meet high standards for security and data protection. This includes 24/7 automated security monitoring, daily operational reviews, monthly server configuration audits, and much more (trust us, it’s a lot of work!). 

Do I Still Own My Data?  

The fear of losing control over data is another significant concern for businesses. fullthrottle.aiTM addresses this by ensuring that all data remains the property of the original brand. Our platform uses tracking technologies that are limited to first-party advertiser activity. This ensures that your data is not mixed with other datasets and remains under your control. 

Is fullthrottle.aiTM Opt-Out or Opt-In?  

Ethical use of data is a cornerstone of's operations. The platform requires active opt-in from your site visitors and does not engage in tracking shoppers across different sites. This aligns with our company's commitment to ethical data use and ensures that your data is used responsibly. 

Is fullthrottle.aiTM Privacy-Safe? 

We get it — staying on top of privacy laws can feel like a full-time job. While we can't take all that responsibility off your plate, what we can do is assure you that fullthrottle.aiTM is fully compliant with all U.S. privacy regulations. This means you can confidently share data with fullthrottle.aiTM, knowing that we handle it with the same care and attention to legal details that you would. We believe in building a partnership based not just on trust but on verification and transparency, where you can feel confident that your data is managed responsibly. 

Let’s walk through how sharing transactional data with the right vendor can dramatically change your marketing and sales trajectory. 

How Does fullthrottle.aiTM Deliver Exceptional Results? 

What sets fullthrottle.aiTM apart is the patented AdTech that powers our platform. This technology enables us to uniquely identify households visiting your website. We don’t stop there. Once identified, these households are instantly immersed in cutting-edge omnichannel marketing.  

The whole package comes together when you share data with fullthrottle.aiTM so we can match identified households to your transactions. This allows you to tie every single marketing effort back to an actual sale. No more guessing or relying on soft metrics like impressions. You get concrete measurements that empower you to scale your marketing efforts with confidence. In a world full of marketing promises, fullthrottle.aiTM delivers proof. 

Here are two case studies of real businesses that saw incredible results with fullthrottle.aiTM. 

Real-World Case Studies 

Florida Window & Door 

Florida Window & Door faced the challenge of identifying website visitors who didn't complete a contact form. Using secure match backs, we could match fullthrottle.aiTM-identified households to actual Florida Window & Door sales. This allowed them to see exactly what was working and prove a 47x ROI. Unlike other platforms that rely on impressions and probabilities, fullthrottle.aiTM tied every marketing effort back to a sale. This data-first approach not only generated significant returns but also gave Florida Window & Door the confidence to scale their marketing efforts. 

Solar Power of Oklahoma 

Solar Power of Oklahoma aimed to increase website traffic and convert those visitors into leads. By using secure match backs with fullthrottle.aiTM, they were able to match identified households to specific solar installations. This matching process provided concrete evidence of what was working, leading to a record-breaking month of 47 installations. About 23% of those sales were directly matched back to households identified by fullthrottle.aiTM, allowing them to scale their marketing efforts with certainty. This level of granularity in ROI measurement sets fullthrottle.aiTM apart from platforms that rely on vague, aggregated metrics. 

Using match backs of transactions to fullthrottle.aiTM-identified households, both companies were able to precisely measure the success of their marketing efforts and scale them with confidence. This unique capability to tie every effort back to a sale is what sets fullthrottle.aiTM apart in a crowded market. At the core of's mission is the commitment to enabling brands to utilize their own data in the most efficient, secure, and impactful way to drive their marketing decisions. 

Additional Resources 

For those who want to dive deeper, check out our Privacy Hub, Data Clean Room technology page, or our Data Security & Compliance page.  

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