In, you can seamlessly shift between products to follow the customer journey more clearly! is the new home for Lead Generation, also known as Nitroleads.

Use your fullthrottle.aiTM credentials to log into Once logged in, you'll see your permissioned client list with three columns to the right. Forget your credentials? Just visit to reset your password. 

Select your client and product

Select your client or use the FILTERS menu on the right to search by client name. Then, scroll to the right and click on the hyperlinks to access the associated product platform.

  • New Audiences = ShopperSuite
  • Previous Customers = Lifecycle (formerly known as Activ8)
  • Lead Generation = Nitroleads

Users can now easily navigate from New Audiences, Previous Customer, or Lead Generation to access each product in one intuitive platform.

Note the client status: 

  • Running (green light) indicates the client is actively on the product at the current time.
  • Not Running (red light) indicates the client is not actively on the product at the current time.
  • OFF (red light) indicates the client is no longer active on the product, but previously was at some point.
  • <blank> indicates the client has never been active on the product.

Access Reporting

Once you've selected your client and clicked into "Lead Generation" (Nitroleads), you can access reporting. To access your Lead Campaigns (formerly, Nitroleads campaigns), hover to the left menu bar >> click on MEASURE >> Campaign Impact >> Lead Campaigns.

You can find more information about navigating Lead Generation in and other FAQs in our Sagedesk Knowledge Hub.

Note - you will no longer be able to access anything related to fullthrottle.aiTM at,, or as of 6/1/2023.