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by Julia Giacoboni, Director of Product Marketing

As an agency, you have the job of providing your clients with value and efforts that move the needle and drive results. A huge task––with a million other things on your to-do list already. However, an even bigger element of the agency/client relationship is being tasked with bringing innovative agency solutions to facilitate client growth and success in an evolving landscape. 

Piece of cake, right? 

Without reliable partners to consult, learn from, and grow with, the demand for an agency to keep up with the AdTech industry’s many available opportunities––and provide them to their clients––can be exhausting and frustrating. Failure to provide recommendations, products, and new technologies can quickly sour and stress the working relationship. 

A Case of the Data Woes 

Even more to worry about is that the lack of scale in first-party data is derailing the advancements and investments made by the industry thus far.  

Yes, here I am once again, talking about filling the void caused by the demise of third-party cookies. Without these cookies––the campaigns you’re running for your clients are losing eyeballs.  

The only first-party data most companies have access to are previous transactions and leads. However, these sources alone are unable to provide a comprehensive view of the current shopper.

With cookies phasing out, clients need options, and you need first-party data resources. Otherwise, your campaigns are only going to be viewed by previous customers, or a small and outdated subset of the massive retargeting audience that once was. 

A True Partnership  

This is where our collaboration with agencies comes into play. fullthrottle.aiTM generates novel first-party audiences for brands supported by patented technology. So, when your client’s campaign needs an audience and your old third-party cookie-powered audience is MIA, we are there to generate and transform unique household data to power those ads.  

We serve as our clients’ anchor to building, activating, and measuring first-party data––and our products are not biased. So, if you’re running your own campaigns or working with a variety of vendors, we’re always down for the party and will play nice. Our technology can work in conjunction with other agency solutions.

FullThrottle Provides Agency Solutions

Value in the Assist 

“But I like using XYZ’s product––it's been the same for years.” 

“I have other vendors running stuff. Will this get in the way?” 

The introduction of new technology, products, and partnerships doesn’t have to feel daunting or threatening. More so, it doesn’t have to feel like a threat to internal teams, other partners, or vendors working for you or your clients.  

A lot of the fullthrottle.aiTM team gets that––many of us have agency experience! We understand that as an agency, you have your own connections and tools, but also have to navigate your client’s.  😩 With requests, questions, and concerns coming from all angles, the ecosystem and the relationship can quickly get stressful. 

We are all there with one goal in mind––to provide value to the end user. We’re there to complement and highlight your work, not take away from it. 

At fullthrottle.aiTM, we provide tools, services, and agency solutions that are transparent, with proof in the metrics tying back successful campaigns to transactions––a true, un-biased look at ROI. Onboarding and channel managers are there for deep dives, support questions, updates, and reviews. Operations and data analysts are there for activating feeds, marketing, campaigns, and analysis. Our platform and reporting are designed to be easy to comprehend and user-friendly, making it simple to see what is working, tying online behavior to in-store shoppers and completed transactions. 

 The Data 

We talk a lot about cookieless. fullthrottle.aiTM is focused on keeping our services, products, and tech future-proof. By utilizing our patented methodologies to identify and generate unique first-party audiences, the concern of the looming cookiepocalypse is out of sight and out of mind! 

This means that as the demise of third-party cookies lingers in the forefront, our services won’t waver.  

Getting First-Party Data Is Hard. We Make It Easy with Several Agency Solutions. 

Depending on your operational and technical capabilities or needs, we offer different levels of solutions to maximize the value of the first-party household audiences we generate.  

Audience Flume – a data services platform.

For when you have your own engineering teams and can do it yourself. We offer up a robust set of API services designed to ingest novel first-party household data into your tech stack and data lake. 

fullthrottle.aiTM – a data exploration and attribution platform.

This provides an easy-to-use and access platform of shopper information, updated in real time. Identify and explore your new first- party household-based data and measure results down to the transaction. 

From a managed marketing platform perspective, agencies can utilize or resell this as an all-in-one solution to generate first-party household data, market to these audiences, and measure for a truly closed loop view. They can use this data to power campaigns with audiences that were once third-party cookie based. A firehouse in the data famine, with easy integration and fully white-labeled platform. 

Whether your team wants to do all, some, or none of the heavy lifting, we aim to make it easy and focus on being a true partner. Regardless of the selection, you’ll be accessing a compliant source of data with no reliance on cookies or Mobile Ad IDs––future-proof through and through. 

Using FullThrottle as your agency solutions makes you a force to be reckoned with

With Our Powers Combined! 

As an agency existing in a vigorously changing AdTech industry, you owe it to your clients to provide a quality service powered by products utilizing the latest technology. What you need are ultimate agency solutions.

fullthrottle.aiTM can transform your audiences and accelerate your agency––or brand, data platform, CDP, or media company––with cookieless data. Unlock unique first-party household data and create a future-proof plan with us today