The Customer Journey Starts With One Click

by Julia Giacoboni, Director of Product Marketing

Building an audience is essential to determine if a business is making an impact. When attempting to help website visitors move down the funnel in their customer journey, isn’t it helpful to know when your audience is paying attention?   

The technology that determines a consumer’s interest and aim has arrived. Validated signals are an important aspect of measuring when a consumer becomes part of your audience. The information that a validated signal provides can dictate what your business brings to the table and where it will go.  

Relying on cookies and third-party data are becoming habits of the past. Step into the future with validated signals and first-party data. 

What’s a Validated Signal? 

A validated signal is a verified signal that demonstrates clear association and intent. To understand what validated signals are and the role they play in building elite audiences, we’ll first want to review what household transmutation is. Both terms play a significant role in how we identify audiences, market, and measure advertising returns.  

Household transmutation is the act of transforming audiences that were previously inaccessible due to tech deprecation into first-party addressable households. It’s a key phrase and action that really has come to the forefront lately when building audiences as we cut the reliance on cookies and MAIDs. If you want to find an audience to power your campaigns, you’ve got to bring it to the table on your own. If you don’t have enough data on your own, you’ve got to figure out a way to generate that audience.  

The Foundational Technology of Household Transmutation

Household transmutation is an essential step in creating a unique, first-party audience and must be done using: 

  • new and innovative technology 
  • zero reliance on third-party cookies or mobile ad IDs 
  • the ability to resolve households across multiple devices 
  • validated signals 

Our technology starts with known and observed signs. Think of validated signals as clues about the customer. They are pieces of information volunteered to us along the path to purchase. Examples could be as simple as a unique landing page visit or pattern of visits, or a specific path to the website through an ad or email. It is something performed by the end user, indicating that, “I’m here and I want you to see I’m doing this.”  

Nothing captured here is assumed or implied. Furthermore, nothing is appended or purchased from third-party aggregators. All data points are anchored with directly observed qualified hand-raiser signals.   

The end result? A net-new audience of unique first-party data and households with confirmed behavior and engagement, ready for activation and measurement.  

Net-New Audiences

The Value in Validated Signals 

To put it simply—we’re picking up what you’re putting down. We are sensing the queues—putting two and two together. We are taking what we’ve observed and laying the groundwork for a customer journey that reflects what the shopper has indicated to us.  

So, what’s the value? 

  • Efficiency. No wasted ad spend—no wasted messaging—no annoyed customers seeing irrelevant marketing.  
  • Transparency. FullThrottle gives you a clear view to attribution measurement that includes a cluster of validated signals collected by technology, which increases match rates and allows for connections across previously inaccessible operators. Shopper journey touchpoints and sales data validates spend with each partner through deterministic attribution.   

Validated signals establish an understanding—between the shopper and the seller—and help in clarifying the customer journey. They support the storyline of the successful shopping experience and path to purchase. 

Create an addressable view of your households and activate them on any screen across the cookieless web & MAIDless mobile ecosystem, powered by first-party data and unique validated signals, with FullThrottle.  

Schedule your demo today and start building net-new audiences of unique first-party data with validated signals. 

Remember: the customer journey all starts with one click—one hand raised—one validated signal!