fullthrottle.aiTM Announces Launch of Automotive Media Marketplace to Connect Auto Publishers and Media Companies with OEMs and Auto Dealers

First-of-its-kind platform facilitates more efficient exchange of first-party auto data to empower precise, effective advertising campaigns 

April 24, 2024 10:00 ET | Source: fullthrottle.aiTM

PHILADELPHIA, April 24, 2024 -- FullThrottle Technologies, LLC, an end-to-end, first-party data-powered technology company that helps marketers identify, curate, and target audiences, today announced the launch of the Automotive Media Marketplace, a corporate subsidiary connecting automotive dealers and OEMs with leading media companies and auto publishers. The next-generation ad tech solution brings together several of the leading players in both the media and automotive industries, including iHeartMedia, Spectrum, Mitsubishi, and Amazon. 

According to the BIA Automotive Report 2024, the automotive industry is expected to spend $12.3 billion on advertising in 2024. The return on those investments depends on advertisers’ ability to effectively target audiences and measure results. The Automotive Media Marketplace provides a seamless technology platform to connect automotive buyer data with automotive audiences through curated publisher addressability opportunities. This first-party data-driven ecosystem allows advertisers to spend with confidence, as they can quickly identify and target key prospects, and drive measurable, improved ROI. At the same time, publishers benefit from the ability to better optimize their inventory, connecting them with the highest value buyers.  

The Automotive Media Marketplace comes at a crucial moment for the advertising industry as media companies and publishers plan for the long-term elimination of third-party cookies and tracking tools and are looking for effective targeting and measurement alternatives. The Marketplace will use fullthrottle.ai’s new patented attribution methodology, tying ad exposure to sales outcomes and delivering powerful attribution insights.  

“Efficient, targeted advertising solutions are particularly important for the automotive industry, because they must reach their target audience within a narrow buying window,” said David Regn, CEO of fullthrottle.aiTM, the parent company of the Automotive Media Marketplace. “The Automotive Media Marketplace removes many of the technology hurdles that previously made it difficult to identify and target high-value audiences. This new platform allows media companies to offer their inventory and data to the automotive companies that value it most, cutting out the middleman while increasing campaign effectiveness.” 

The Automotive Media Marketplace was developed by the same team of ad tech and automotive industry veterans responsible for fullthrottle.aiTM — the technology company that has developed patented, industry-leading solutions for first-party data and attribution. 

Building on the foundation of the industry-leading technology established by fullthrottle.aiTM, the Automotive Media Marketplace simplifies the process of onboarding first-party data for OEMs and automotive dealers. The marketplace’s robust, built-in identity resolution tools make it easy to derive value from this data, enabling accurate targeting and personalization across the participating leading auto industry inventory suppliers. 

About fullthrottle.aiTM: 

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