The Value of In-Market Audiences

One of our biggest flaws as humans is how last-minute we are. We wait until the last minute on everything. Google recently pushed back their cookie deprecation date yet again, which means many businesses will delay their cookieless audience-collection strategy. 

However, there is an immediate problem. Since cookies only amount to 50% of the market, how are brands retargeting customers outside of Chrome? Where are the real-time, in-market audiences?  

There are many pitfalls in leveraging third-party data.  

For one, the audiences collected via third-party cookies are not collected in real-time. Additionally, you are essentially “renting” or “licensing” the data and don’t have much transparency or control over the audience you are activating. Match rates are low and are based on probabilistic modeling.  

Third-party data does not accurately display who is actually in-market for your product or service. 

As a business, the importance of having quality cookieless audiences is imperative to reaching your advertising and marketing’s maximum potential. 

Reach a Cookieless Audience

The Concept of Chrome 

When we talk about the cookieless future, we’re really talking about Chrome third-party cookies that are deprecating. All other third-party cookies on major browsers (Safari, Firefox, etc.) have already been deprecated. Chrome is 65% of the browser market, which means everyone who still relies on cookies is missing 35% of the market. [1] 

With fullthrottle.aiTM, our technology works on all browsers and devices, reaching 100% of the market.  

The ability to resolve in-market audiences cross-device/cross-browser and retarget them cross-channel is huge––and it’s an immediate need for brands, agencies, publishers, and media companies.  

The Value of First-Party Data

First-party data is data that enables brands to market, optimize, and measure relevant advertising. Most businesses realize the value of first-party data. According to surveys, 88% of marketers categorize first-party data collection as a high or the highest priority for their goals and strategies. [2] It’s the hottest topic of our industry—how first-party data is going to solve privacy issues that companies face today. 

Overall, the benefits of first-party data are:  

  • lowering dependency on third parties 
  • increased accuracy 
  • flexibility controlling a business asset 
  • increasing ad performance through better targeting 
  • optimization and measurement 
  • added insights and analytics of your site visitors and in-market retargetable audiences 

Identity Graphs Are Friends, Not Foes

Today, a lot of identity graphs use first-party cookies. They will use the client's first-party data to model out what other households should be their clients’ customers. When people think of cookieless audiences, they often think of identity graphs. 

Our technology is not the same. We're completely different from these other companies; however, we are often grouped with and compared to them. In reality, we are resolving on-site visitors and building your first-party data set.  

"You can think of our technology powering the common components through an always-on First-Party Data Current.” - Lou DiGiacomo, VP of Product in “’s Place in the AdTech Ecosystem” 

We certainly add benefit to your identity graph, providing you with more cookieless audiences to fuel the process of identity graphs.  

(If you’re curious to learn more about the AdTech ecosystem and where we fit in, make sure to check out VP of Product Lou DiGiacomo’s article, “’s Place in the AdTech Ecosystem.”) 

Resolving On-Site Visitors in Real-Time

By resolving on-site visitors, you are really seeing who is in-market for your business. fullthrottle.aiTM resolves these audiences down to the household level in a privacy-first way, which allows you to retarget these shoppers through our immersive cross-channel managed services. 

Rather than guessing who might be in-market based on demographics, psychographics, age, etc., you can see in real-time who your true and best audience is and personalize a message that will move the sales needle—all without depending on cookies or third-party data. 

Cookieless Audiences

fullthrottle.aiTM is your platform for building cookieless audiences. Our platform has never relied on deprecating assets, like cookies, IP addresses, or MAIDs. We’ve been future-proof from the start. 

All first-party data collected through our software belongs to you and only lives in your instance. Take a break from relying on inaccurate third-party data and begin to own data that truly belongs to you.  

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Resolve On-Site Visitors