Top 7 Questions To Ask Your First-Party Data Provider: How Much Work Is This Going To Be for Me?

by Julia Giacoboni, Director of Product Marketing

Some heavy lifting might be required of the end-user during the set-up process with many data providers. As a business, media company, or agency, you will want to be fully aware of exactly how much work will need to go into this implementation—especially when you first start with the vendor.  

Make sure you are clear on what responsibilities your team will have and also the timeline or ETA of when the data will be accessible and usable.  

The amount of work can certainly differ depending on HOW you are getting the data. Whichever path you take, make sure you’re clear on what you’re getting into.  

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Bringing On an Expert 

If your team isn’t capable, now would be the time to bring someone on who has experience. Find someone who is familiar with data analysis, hygiene, formatting overall systems, and APIs who is focused on streamlining processes for a secure system and high data integrity.  

If you need data right now and you don’t have the capacity or the time to dedicate a person to working on API, ask for simpler solutions available through a data provider that you can handle.  

Managing Your Data 

Think about the support you have and decide how much time you can dedicate to the set-up and process moving forward. Regardless of the method you take to access the data, first-party data overall requires more attention, such as monitoring hygiene and compliance, and segmenting it into different audiences.  

It will also require effort to manage the effectiveness of campaigns powering the data, the relationship with your data vendor, and the evolving privacy rules, regulations, and landscape.  

A small price to pay for powerful, accurate data.  

fullthrottle.aiTM API Integration 

At fullthrottle.aiTM, we offer an API integration as well as an easy-to-use transparent dashboard. We call it our Data Clean Room—a secured, privacy-safe database environment that allows you to share on/offline data. The Clean Room is a powerful tool for collaboration and can facilitate aggregated insights previously inaccessible to either party. fullthrottle.aiTM has built clean room technology that makes it easy to gain insights that were once only available to holding companies and walled gardens. 

Schedule your demo with fullthrottle.aiTM to discover how truly hands-off it can be to collect first-party data.

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