Top 7 Questions To Ask Your First-Party Data Provider: Is This Data Clean?

by Julia Giacoboni, Director of Product Marketing

In the rush to obtain first-party data, we often think of scale—and how important it is to have enough first-party data to replace the quantity that third-party cookies provided us. However, as we grow our collection, it is vital to have clean data. Quality AND quantity are equally important.  

Clean Data 

As we turn to first-party data providers for this scale, it is important to ask them some questions before partnering with them. You will want to ask them, “Is this data clean?” 

The cleanliness of data refers to its accuracy and timeliness. For the data to be completely cost-effective, you need it to be clean.  

never question the quality of your data again

Continuous Cleaning 

The data provider should also have a plan for the data to be continuously cleaned. It must be high quality to be worth your budget, so are they sifting out duplicate records?  

Having an address is solid and the gold standard. However, it needs to be run through the national change of address records.  

Some Follow-Up Questions 

  • Does the data vendor have a validation service they use to ensure the person still lives there?  
  • Is it a valid address that can be mailed to?  
  • Did the person pass away?
  • Do they still get mail? 
  • Did they relocate?  

The Maintenance of Clean Data 

There is a lot of maintenance that goes into keeping data clean and updated. You are only as strong as the data that you own. If the data you have is outdated by two or four years, it’s essentially worthless. 

How fullthrottle.aiTM Helps 

All the addresses our platform identifies are verified by the U.S. Postal Service, which means all of them are valid addresses. You do not have to worry if your mail budget is being spent on businesses or vacant homes. 

Schedule a demo to see how you can identify household data based on your website traffic.

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