New and Returning Live Households 

We now separately distinguish Newly Identified Households in the month with LIVE Returning Households who also shopped on the website but were previously identified in the last 120 days in a prior shopping session. Before this update, these numbers were represented as TOTAL Addressable Households. Separating these key audiences helps us understand repeat shopping activity and segment household propensity.   

LIVE Shoppers 

We can now better articulate our audience universe by having condensed previous metrics into one box. You can see the total devices tracking, and the total estimated devices. Before this update, this was represented in a white box labeled Total Estimated Devices (this is similar to the number you might see in Google Analytics, which is unique browsers from anywhere in the world and often includes bot traffic).   

Unfulfilled Mailed Budgets Better Explained 

In the past, a situation may have occurred where a client may have had 2,000 total addressable households, and 2,000 mail budget, yet only 1,600 mail pieces were delivered. In the new Instant Marketing Recap screen, this is explained by showing 1,600 Newly Identified Households and 400 Returning Households who are not eligible for mail, if they were previously mailed.