Introducing State Segmentation – State Inclusion and Exclusion  

Radiuses play a huge role in the New Audience platform. When you pick your radius, you are picking the website visitors and households who are going to be part of your marketing campaigns. 

But states are not circles. With our newest product update, we now offer state inclusion and exclusion, tailoring your radius.  

Why is this important? 

For example, if you make a 50 mile radius around a city that might be on the border of a state, that radius might lump in a group of people you don’t want to deliver mail to or who can’t utilize the services of your company.  

Now, we can cut those states out.  

While we can’t make states into a circle shape, we can help eliminate and exclude states from certain marketing to your clients and those new audiences collected in This update will allow you to focus on your potential customers who can utilize your products or services.  

However, this is not a conquesting service. Even if you add in a state, we do not guarantee you will have audiences from there, looking at your website. But you will be able to rule out certain states. 

Who is this designed for? 

State segmentation is designed for larger regional brands with larger audiences. This newest update is for companies with a much broader reach, potentially located in multiple places across the country. 

For example: 

  • Can or can’t sell in specific states (I.e. - state by state disclaimers/pricing, gas utility company) 
  • Want to target specific entire state for promotion 
  • Key location is in an awkward intersection of states   

State Segmentation: We can now rule out or add in certain areas and make sure marketing is delivered to the most relevant audience.