• September 29, 2023
increased leads resulting in sales
increase service transactions
increase in conversions rates


A manufacturer was determined to improve leads and showroom foot traffic through a website promotion. The challenge lay in not only attracting leads, but in transforming them into real business transactions. They wanted to know which website leads from the promotion would result in customers, either through a sale or a service transaction.

The primary objectives were to initiate an engaging lead generation campaign on the website, to meticulously track the leads to determine how many became sales or service transactions, and to make sure that the leads were flawlessly synced directly into the manufacturer's CRM for swift follow-up.


The perfect solution was found using fullthrottle.ai’s Lead Generation rewards program, an on-site promotion tool designed to create excitement for interested website visitors. fullthrottle.ai’s Lead Generation program incentivizes potential customers to submit their information, pushing this data instantly into the manufacturer's CRM. The program’s dynamic rewards, multi-step conversion process, and real-time data reporting made it an ideal choice for turning digital leads into tangible business transactions.

In deploying their campaign using fullthrottle.ai’s Lead Generation program, the manufacturer sent incentivized SMS texts, instant emails that included mobile-friendly printable coupon codes, and weekly emails delivered to people with unredeemed promotions

incentivized SMS texts
60 day campaign boosted showroom visits and sales


The results were striking. Over the 60-day campaign, fullthrottle.ai’s Lead Generation helped in acquiring more than 5,064 leads. Out of these, 3.9% turned into a sale, resulting in 202 sales, and 7.9% turned into a service transaction, leading to 403 service repair orders. The leads were directly integrated into the manufacturer’s CRM, enabling prompt follow-up by the sales staff.

The success of this campaign highlights fullthrottle.ai’s Lead Generation as an essential tool for bridging the gap between online visitors and in-store transactions. By employing this innovative approach, the manufacturer not only increased leads, but successfully converted them into sales and service transactions, yielding real and quantifiable value.

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