• November 10, 2023


A large domestic automotive brand needed better capabilities for tracking attribution within their marketing campaigns in order to increase their advertising results. They were partnered with one of the largest advertising agencies and wanted to discover new ways to amplify their marketing strategies for higher match-back rates and increased sales.

First-party data is key to reaching your hot in-market audiences. When you can target the right audiences at the right time, you’ll achieve much more significant results while saving money on your marketing investment.


Working with approximately 100 dealerships, we sent them over 1 million NEW identified households within 3.5 months. 95% of these identified households were net-new, in-market hand-raisers that still needed to be targeted by the brand or dealerships within our campaign.

The results of our campaign were that 20% of sales matched back to the fullthrottle.ai-identified households.

Since fullthrottle.ai measures everything by household and can see the journey to purchase, we were able to see that our in-market audiences outperformed their third-party data by 3x in sales.

Our solution to building net-new audiences of incremental data can be customized to fit your marketing strategy, whether you market in-house or use an outside agency. You need a fresh and accurate dataset to get the most from your campaigns if you’re running retargeting.

Build Net-New Audiences of Incremental Data

Use these audiences to customize your marketing strategy.