• November 7, 2023
increased conversions


A Northeastern kitchen remodeling company had a goal to generate new leads and increase sales from their existing target audience. Using fullthrottle.ai would allow the company to identify and resolve website visitors into addressable households of net-new audiences that the kitchen remodeling company couldn’t reach with traditional retargeting methods.

Instead of relying on traditional tracking methods, fullthrottle.ai identifies based on postal addresses, which gives you more reliable and useful information about your customers.


Once fullthrottle.ai identifies and resolves your website visitors into first-party households, fullthrottle.ai allows you to activate highly relevant marketing to those engaged visitors and pull them through the buying funnel to a sale.

Our platform’s omnichannel reporting offers an unprecedented look into exactly what marketing campaigns your shoppers received and which channels are driving bottom-line revenue, so you can optimize campaigns


Within just one month of installing fullthrottle.ai’s script on their website, the company increased their total revenue by 69.7%. This additional revenue came solely through new leads generated by fullthrottle.ai’s AdTech.

Because our platform identifies hand-raisers who are active on the client’s site, these weren’t ordinary leads — they were extremely high quality and ready to buy. As a result, the ticket value for a converted lead identified by our platform was 27.8% higher than the kitchen remodeling company’s average.

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