• December 28, 2023
Mattress Retailer boosts sales
mattress retailed expands markets
mattress retailer identified households


A large mattress retailer wanted to verify if their marketing was directly attributing to sales. Before teaming up with fullthrottle.ai, tying sales dollars to marketing was a challenge. Old analysis tools, including those using third-party cookies, weren’t giving them the details or visibility into attribution they needed.

fullthrottle.ai was able to take their basic audience data and resolve their audience into household-level,
first-party data.

Target & Influence Campaigns

fullthrottle.ai ties marketing campaigns to real sales dollars. The detailed data and identified households from fullthrottle.ai gave the mattress retailer confidence to invest more in their existing markets and expand into new ones, knowing they’d be able to target and influence them with their marketing campaigns.

target and influence campaigns to boost sales
mattress retailer boosts sales by 21.82% using fullthrottle.ai


In just their first quarter of using fullthrottle.ai, their sales spiked by 21.82%, tracking back to households in their main markets. On average, fullthrottle.ai identifies 6,217 households a month for this retailer.

They started advertising in 2022 with just three markets, tacking on another three before the year was out after seeing success in their campaigns. By 2023, they had exploded into 10 markets, doubling down on marketing in the spots they already knew well. This strategy paid off, with a half-million dollar sales increase — all tracked back to audiences identified and targeted by fullthrottle.ai.

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fullthrottle.ai ties marketing campaigns to real sales dollars.