• November 7, 2023
31% growth using fullthrottle.ai
sales increased
conversion rate increased


A national bedding e-commerce company wanted to measure and increase post-initial web visit transactional business. They enlisted fullthrottle.ai to help them gain valuable buyer timeline intel to help grow their business.

fullthrottle.ai transformed their website visitors into first-party, household-based data. Instant marketing and look-back marketing was deployed to these fullthrottle.ai-identified households.

Unmasking the E-Commerce Buyer Journey

When this e-commerce client initially came to fullthrottle.ai, they believed most of their customers completed a purchase on their first website visit.

fullthrottle.ai showed over 50% of their website traffic does not do business with them until almost a week after their first visit.


fullthrottle.ai’s transactional data measured incremental sales; web visitors who purchased 3+ days post-initial visit and after household level marketing was deployed.

As a result, this e-commerce client saw incremental, month-over-month growth, utilizing fullthrottle.ai and overall had 31% growth within six months. Their collective buyer journey and buyer propensity first-party data provided valuable insights to help form their marketing plans.

In Q1, they saw a total of 3,961 sales and in Q2, they saw a total of 5,754 sales.

Gain Valuable Buyer Timeline Intel

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